The case of the missing ret paladin

At least someone out there must have been wondering where I’ve gone right?  Even if only because they’re still missing the final parts of the raid guide?  I’d like to think thats true.

The quick version is that I spent a lot of this year not being well enough to blog for various reasons, both bad (illness) and good (pregnancy).  I don’t write well if I don’t feel well.  I did try a couple of times, but everything I wrote was terrible.

Well now it seems future ret-pala (shhh don’t tell the husband – hes thinking maybe a lock or a death knight) seems a lot happier where she is and I am feeling like I’d like to start blogging again.  Of course life is a bit crazy up and down at the moment, so I don’t know how regular this will be, but I do have some things I want to write right now.  I will try and start with finishing off the raid guide and any other post series I was writing (hmmm I might actually have to read all my posts just to figure out what on earth I was writing about that long ago).  I also have some rambling posts about in game experiences and Cataclysm I’m dying to make.  I won’t be talking about the rotation and builds too much this early, though I do have a planned build on the current calculator for Cataclysm.  The problem is that this all changes so often, by the time I’ve written the post it might be out of date!  I’ll post closer to the time, when things are more certain.

So am I still playing?
Yes.  I did take an extended break during the ‘OMG I want to throw up – too late I’m asleep already’ phase of pregnancy.  I work full time and it took every scrap of energy and focus just to make it through the day.   But as I felt better, I came back and started raiding.

I had started hard modes, and the team cleared a good portion of the rest of them while I was off, so I got thrown back in the deep end that was our first attempt at All You Can Eat, the Sindragosa achievement.  It took a few nights, but in the end we got it.  Having come pretty close to a HM Sindragosa kill (we were on Skype that night only, being between Vent servers, so everyone heard me swear when one of the team failed to move for an ice block), I think that the achievement is actually harder in some ways.  There is 0 room for error and you need to keep two blocks up a lot of the time.  What you really want for this is someone promoted with an addon like RaidAcheivement.  This tells you if someone fails the achievement by announcing it in /raid.  We don’t use this in an accusatory way – rather its better to know we failed so we can wipe than to fail and then end up at the end wondering why we didn’t get it!  It helped a lot.  At first we seemed to have some odd fails.  Eventually we noticed all the fails came from … taller characters.  We solved this by placing the blocks a bit further away from Sindra so that the buff couldn’t be applied OVER the blocks.  We’d never have spotted this without the addon and its great for this particular achievement.

And how am I planning for Cataclysm?
Well the truth is, I’m not.  Its far too early for worrying about Cataclysm.  The Officers of my guild are chatting in very general terms, but theres still a lot of information we don’t have or know.  Some people are expressing character preferences, but I’m ignoring them until closer to the time.  I was convinced at this time last expansion I would still be playing my priest … and we all know how that turned out!  So I read the blue posts, feel encouraged by the posts about healing in particular (I miss TBC healing where it was about making intelligent choices, not whacking your keyboard real fast) and also dungeon difficulty, and generally try to guess at the release date.  I still have a frosty drake to get and I’m working on Loremaster of Eastern Kingdoms (less than 100 quests to go and I don’t want to have to start again when its reset in Cataclysm).

How is everyone? What are they doing in game? And how do they feel about Cataclysm?


5 thoughts on “The case of the missing ret paladin

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  1. Thanks for that paragraph on frost tombs in Sindy, it had never even occured to me that might be what was affecting things.
    I’ve passed it on to my guild forums as well as a note, hope thats OK.
    Good thinking!

  2. Welcome back. Glad i have checked regularly. Your blog has always been great and personal. Thanks for coming back. A blog must be lonely work sometimes… Kudos from an anonymous reader

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