Cataclysm class previews

16 April.  Add that date to your diary now.  Underline it.  Add some exclamation marks.  Then prepare to grumble that every single other class is getting displayed before us.

Apparently the paladin is still in development.  I suspect because paladins need an overhaul throughout.  They have very few active talents, a lot of passive talents (which Blizzard have said they want to get rid of) and levelling them is incredibly dull right now.  You have one button to hit (unless you want to run out of mana/pretend your a caster) until you can reach Art of War on the ret tree.

Morrighan’s predictions:

  • A new active ability – at least one available at low levels
  • Abilities interact a little more to make the rotation more than GCD watching
  • (More of a wish) a tidy up of the 30s shared cooldown between various abilities – please take wings OFF of this – I’ll even pay talent points for that!
  • A pony to be provided to all paladin players

2 thoughts on “Cataclysm class previews

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  1. It totally sucks that Paladins are later. WAY later. A week after the last class. They better do some major changing! I love change. Maybe it will be a change that will get all those n00b retardins to roll a different class. Hunters perhaps?

    1. Nooo. We need the not-so-good players to keep playing paladins. They a) make us look better and b) help prove ret isn’t as faceroll as some would say.

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