A reference to a referrer

One of the functions of WordPress is it shows you where people are coming from when they click on a link to your site.  Its a very interesting piece of information and one I check regularly.  I often find bloggers who have linked to me and add them to my reader (and eventually my blogroll which is out of date I know).

Today I found a really useful link.  Its the Wow.com resources page and can be found here: http://www.wow.com/resources/

Why is this useful?  Well go and have a look at it.  Its got links to all sorts of different things, from Blue Trackers to Addons sites to sites useful for Raiding.  And at the bottom theres a list of class specific resources, including Blogs.  Which is where my clicks came from.

This has to be one of the best lists of WoW resources on the web.  I’ll be spending some time clicking on any of those links I don’t already know.  I thought you all might like it as well.


One thought on “A reference to a referrer

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  1. Since it’s been released, WoW.com Resources has been one of my biggest referrers.

    It is a great repository and if your blog isn’t in there, and you have something good to say, ask them to add you!

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