So how about this new patch?

With patch ‘likely’ to drop this week (according to MMO Champion) I thought I had better make some mention fast.

There is nothing ret pala specific in the patch notes.

Heres a quick summary of the best features:

  • I guess the fix to Culling of Stratholme is good!
  • More honour per kill is kinda nice.
  • Ok heres something worth a post. The buff changes. Several buffs are having the range increased to stop them from dropping and being reapplied throughout fights. Equally several procs with 100% effective uptime are being turned into passive buffs. This is all with the intention of reducing server spam and therefore lag. Being on a high population realm (Lagsorrow as its more commonly known) this is a good thing.
  • Frozen Orbs will now be rolled on automatically (no more orb ninjas) which is good because you can now use them for nice things like Frost Lotuses and Eternal Fires … well I stopped reading there because all mine will go on those two items. I’ve been collecting them for some time. Legitimately I might add!
  • Titansteel no longer has a cooldown to smelt. Yay.
  • The Battleground Finder now works much more like the Dungeon Finder?

All in all, its not an exciting patch. What I don’t mention is a whole load of fixes for niggly issues. Coming soon, to a server near you.


4 thoughts on “So how about this new patch?

Add yours

  1. Ahh someone else on Laggsorrow although my 80’s are all Horde (who knows you may have pwned me, yeah you probably have)

    I did just move my lvl 27 ally priest to a RP server from Darksorrow as I’m gonna see what thats all about but I do have a lvl 15 pally sitting there, waiting to be levelled up then I can go gank my mates haha!

    Maybe see you around

  2. Personally I don’t like or agree with the removing the timer on titansteel. Titanstell was supposed to be a high-value item for miners. On my server the price of titansteel has dropped from 120-140 gold a bar to 60-70 gold a bar since the change. (simple supply and demand)

    I expect that the price will continue to drop until it is bassically the same as a stack of 20 saronite bars, 25-40 gold.

    Some people will argue that the increase in volume makes up for the lower price. Perhaps that is so. Call me old school but I liked titansteel when it was a valuable item and reward for putting in time mining not something to be bought in volume.

    1. I think its okay at this point in the game. Earlier than this, I would have agreed with you.

      This last patch is always about letting people catch up. Theres a lot of content between Naxx and ICC and its no longer expected (nor was it ever practical) that people go through all of it. The easier availability of these bars lets people get gear quicker and cheaper. I actually like this mechanic in WoW – I want new players to catch up and see content.

      Plus I’m the only Miner in a couple that has a paladin and a DK. The cooldown was always in use and rarely to sell. When I needed to up my tank gear a couple of weeks back, I just made some bars and instantly I had new bracers.

  3. A very good point. I’ve decided to gear up my pally (im a useless healer which is why I levelled it) but the only dps gear I have is from when I hit 80, so 3 x boa, a few blues and the rest greens.

    I plan to pve/pvp with her so this will most definately help as my mate is a BS so I can hopefully get some great gear, fairly quickly and hopefully at a reasonable price so at least I can try and help and not get carried through hc’s (which I was last night after making the decision)

    Looking forward to pvp with her though 😉

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