Retribution Gear List 3.3. ed. > Hands

Welcome back to the Retribution Gear List.  Its back with a new format!  You can find the consolidated 3.3 gear list here.  There are new stats for 3.3 based on a revised Redcape Spreadsheet.

Rank Hands Source ilevel Score Hit score
1 Fleshrending Gauntlets (Heroic) Festergut 25 (Heroic) 277 547.26 547.26
2 Fleshrending Gauntlets Festergut 25 264 489.49 489.49
3 Gatecrasher’s Gauntlets 60 Emblems of Frost 264 475.64 475.64
4 Gloves of Bitter Reprisal (H) Anub’arak 25 (Heroic) 258 453.32 453.32
5 Sanctified Lightsworn Gauntlets (Heroic) Tier 10.3 token 277 445.08 628.76
6 Festering Fingerguards (Heroic) Festergut 10 (Heroic) 264 420.6 599.8
7 Sanctified Lightsworn Gauntlets Tier 10.2 token 264 396.76 558.04
8 Throatrender Handguards (Heroic) Queen Lanathel 10 (Heroic) 264 395.64 574.84
9 Gloves of Bitter Reprisal Anub’arak 25 245 386.95 386.95
10 Turalyon’s/Liadrin’s Gauntlets of Triumph (Heroic) Tier 9.3 trophy 258 377.84 530.16
11 Festering Fingerguards Festergut 10 251 377.04 536.08
12 Gauntlets of Rising Anger (H) Northrend Beasts 10 (Heroic) 245 365.92 466.72
13 Lightsworn Gauntlets 60 Emblems of Frost 251 355.72 496.84
14 Throatrender Handguards Queen Lanathel 10 251 355.59 514.63
15 Conqueror’s Aegis Gauntlets Emalon the Storm Watcher 25/Mimiron 25 226 348.72 348.72

Also of note:

17 Weeping Gauntlets Brohnjahm (Heroic) 232 334.22 334.22
22 Turalyon’s/Liadrin’s Gauntlets of Conquest 30 Emblems of Triumph 232 302.16 418.64
23 Plated Grips of Korth’azz ICC trash 5 219 296.86 296.86


Heres another case where you have to look at the hit score.  The tier 10 gloves are the only tier piece with hit on them and are in fact very good once you account for that.  I would recommend going for these.  Also remember that hands can be obtained from Vault of Archavon and make sure to run there each week.  Hands are also amongst the cheaper pieces of both tier 9 and tier 10 for non-raiders.


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  1. These gear lists are actually very helpful, and I’d love to see one written about 3.3x BIS leggings. I’m a bit curious because I’ve recently picked up Scourge Reaver’s Legplates (264),
    and I’m wondering if I made a mistake by doing that or not. I already have the 4pc set bonus without them, but I’m slightly under the expertise cap now. (12 unbuffed, 22 with glyph).

  2. Thats not one I’ve checked, since I don’t raid 25 mans that high up. We just do one night a week in 25 and thats for fun, gear and a chance for the teams to be together.

    Heres the methodology by which I chose the chest piece as my non set item and the badge chest as the best one for the gear that is available to me.

    1) Look at the slot you want to consider and mark what items you want to test
    2) Look at whether changing that slot will affect your decision on any other items (hit, expertise, set bonuses)
    3) Write down each slot that will be affected
    4) For all of those slots, write down the item you would use in the different set up and the score (remember to write down the hit score when you are using that hit and the other score otherwise)
    5) Add up each combination – highest number wins

    At a guess, those legs as an offset item will be your best option. Unless you have 5 ilevel 264 tier pieces and maybe not even then.

    1. No your correct and the Hands are the last slot I have done. I’ve had some health issues, but things seem to be getting back on an even keel now so I will make the time to complete the BIS lists. And finish the Frostwing Halls guide too!

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