Fires, Dreams and Nightmares

Its been a busy couple of days. The gear list posts are coming. In the mean time if you take a look at the gear list you will see I have already added some more items.

A Beacon Fire
As any blog reader cannot fail to have noticed, there is a new ‘thing’ in the blogging community – the blogging guild Single Abstract Noun run by Tamarind of Righteous Orbs. Its based on the Argent Dawn-EU server which is an RP server. I’ve got a few very low level alts kicking around on there. And now I have another one – Morrighann the Blood Elf Paladin. I’ll link her once shes high enough to even appear on the armory! From my brief time there last night it seems a very nice community. My time there is going to be a bit limited as I try to juggle it with work, life, Dreamstate and blogging, but I do want to make the effort to go over there. I think everyone has ‘the blogger they most want to meet’ over there too. For me its Larisa from the Pink Pigtail Inn who encouraged me to rant more early in my blogging days.

Tamarind has been through an experience recently I can sympathize with, which is being forced out of his guild due to his blog. I’ve been there. I blogged about something that I had found particularly offensive in the guild, and which the officers had failed to deal with. And that saw me kicked from the guild. I had never made my blog a secret, and I had blogged about similar things before. But this was just a step too far for the guild. (Don’t go looking for this post btw – I took it down after the server troll found it).  I’ve not really blogged or talked about this since, and I’m not sure I will more than this because I know my old guild is going through some tough times right now.

Tamarind said something that made me realize how unhappy I was in my previous guild. He talks about how his blog has/had become the reason he plays. The gaming supported the blogging rather than being a side interest. In my last days in my old guild the blog definitely meant more to me than playing the game. My unhappiness with some of the people, with the guild management, etc. had made the game a place where I was unhappy and my blog was an escape from that, back to the times when I enjoyed the game.

Now I might regret that more if it wasn’t for what happened afterwards. Some friends of mine, also unhappy with the direction the old guild was taking, formed Dreamstate. Dreamstate is a totally different place to be. Its friendly and fun. It’s a completely different experience to be in a guild like this. I have now reached the point where I play the game because I enjoy it again. I still enjoy blogging, but I also love raiding again.  The game, for me, is very much a social thing.

On another note, last night we made our GM’s dreams come true. Or at least ended one of his nightmares! We downed Firefighter in Ulduar 10. We had been working on this a while back, but setting up the new guild got in the way. Last night we went back and down he went. Dreamstate now has several Algalon keys and will be taking out the last achievements needed for our Rusted Proto-Drakes (I Love the Smell of Saronite in the Morning, One Light in the Darkness).

Our last attempts on Firefighter had been so close. They literally gave our GM nightmares. Everyone was so glad when it went down last night. It was relatively easy – we do over gear the fight somewhat. This let us deal with the tricky stage 3 by zerging the head. I was on the adds (the only melee with one tank). The second tank and one ranged dealt with the bomb bots. Everyone else nuked the head.

I enjoy doing things like this, as they allow the two raid teams to come together and we had people from both teams and the Casual Raider rank (who aren’t assigned to a team as these are generally people who can’t raid as often). Thanks to all who came, especially the one member who didn’t really want to raid that night and came to help us out.


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  1. Grats to Firefighter! I’ve never tried that, but I hope I’ll get the opportunity one day. I’m really looking forward to see you in SAN as well! I have a couple of gaming free nights a week, another few nights are mostly spent raiding, but hopefully we’ll bump into each other eventually!

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