ICC (10 and 25 man normal) Crib Sheet – The Plagueworks

Yes I know its been a long time coming.  For various reasons.  This is a challenging wing, but if you can clear it you should find successive fights easier.

The Puppies

  • Pull them one at a time.  2 tanks should swap on 6 stacks or ASAP thereafter.  The debuff reduces healing done to the target.
  • Both puppies do Decimate, reducing the entire raids health to very low amounts.
  • Stinky has an AoE pulse that does damage to everyone nearby.  Princess summons zombies to help you get Exalted with the Ashen Verdict faster.


  • 2 tanks (10 man) swapping on 8 stacks, 2/3 tanks (25 man) swapping on 9 stacks.  Salvation the new OT after a swap.
  • 2 healers (10 man) – if you have enough ranged (4 on 10 man) you can stand 1/2 of these with the melee so they don’t get Vile Gas
  • All remaining dps should have high output and ranged should stand 10 yards apart for Vile Gas except when hugging a Gas Spore.
  • When the fight starts the room floods with Gaseous Blight which causes massive raid damage.
  • Festergut inhales the Blight once, causing raid damage to decrease and tank damage to increase.
  • Festergut inhales the Blight twice, causing raid damage to be minimal but massive tank damage.
  • After this, Festergut casts Pungent Blight doing a big spike of damage, followed by a return to massive raid damage.  Repeat.
  • The way to survive Pungent Blight is to be Inoculated.  Festergut casts Gas Spore on 2 (10 man)/3 (25 man) players.  All players must hug a Gas Spore player to get 3 stacks of Inoculation every cycle.  Spread out again as soon as the Spore is gone.


  • 2 tanks, 1 to tank the boss, 1 to kite the big oozes (Death Knights are best for this).
  • 2 healers (10 man)
  • Apart from the tanks the whole raid should hug behind the two legs, split between them.  Rotface targets a player and casts Slime Spray where they were standing.  The targeted group should move so no one takes damage.
  • Rotface casts Mutated Infection (disease) on a random raid member.  This deals damage and when it runs out drops a Little Ooze.  Afflicted players should immediately run to the kiting tank and be dispelled as soon as they are safely out of the raid.
  • Two Little Oozes = 1 Big Ooze.  Take care to only create 1 of these.
  • Merge all little Oozes with the 1 Big Ooze by running to the kiting tank.  Little Oozes can be stunned/slowed.  Stay away from the Big Ooze as it does a lot of damage.
  • Sections of the room periodically flood with green goo.  Only the kiting tank (if its a tank) should ever stand in this (use Hand of Freedom, etc. to reduce damage).  If you have a Little Ooze wait for the tank where he will exit the puddle.
  • After it absorbs 5 Little Oozes the Big Ooze will explode.  Ooze will land where players were standing at the time the explosion begins.  Move.
  • Repeat.  Pop cooldowns early as the speed of Mutated Infections increases as the fight lasts longer.

Professor Putricide

  • 2 tanks (10 man), 3 tanks (25 man), one on boss, one takes the abomination (in 25 man one spare for phase 3 can be used).  If a tank dies in phase 3 Putricide heals for 20%.
  • 2 healers (10 man)
  • The abomination is activated by drinking a potion from the table.  The abomination can, in order of importance, absorb ooze puddles on the floor, slow adds and damage the boss applying a nice debuff to him.  Putricide should be kited via ooze puddles to allow dps.
  • Putricide casts two types of add in Phase 1 and 2.  The boss should be kited to be standing on the opposite side of the room to the next add.  Volatile Ooze is always cast first.
  • Volatile Oozes come from the green container, root one player to the spot and explode if they reach him.  If you cannot kill the add before it reaches the rooted player everyone should hug that player at the last possible minute to share the explosion.  It should die before it hits a second person.
  • Gas Cloud chases a player around, doing damage to them.  The targeted player should kite the add, staying in range of healers.
  • Ranged should dps the add as soon as it appears.  Melee can help after it has selected a target.  This is risky as if the target dies and melee are selected they will be one shotted.
  • Phase 2 starts at 80% and it is ideal not to have an add up at this point.  If you can avoid this you get one add less as his counter restarts.
  • In Phase 2 and 3 Putricide casts Malleable Goo (move away from it before it lands) and Choking Gas Bomb (move away from vials on the floor).
  • In Phase 3 you lose the abomination and need to kite Putricide around a room filling with slime.  Save cds for this phase.  Putricide casts Mutated Plague on the tanks.  Swap at 4 stacks initially and more frequently after that.  This deals damage to the entire raid.  Tanks dying/the debuff expiring causes Putricide to heal.



WoWwiki tactics
Tankspot video


WoWwiki tactics
Tankspot video


WoWwiki tactics
Tankspot video


7 thoughts on “ICC (10 and 25 man normal) Crib Sheet – The Plagueworks

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  1. I don’t remember off the top of my head where I read it, but what about the 2/2/2 – 4/4/4 rotation for Putricide’s debuff in Phase 3? My understanding was that it was a bit safer, but not having been to Putricide in 25s yet myself, I’m not speaking from experience.

    1. Not having done Putricide on 25 man myself, I went with the tactics I had read about. I know on 10 man our tanks have gone to 4 stacks before the first swap. I think it depends a little on your raid makeup, and on the speed of your dps, etc.

    2. We use the 2/2/2->4/4/4 taunt rotation in 25s. It keeps the raid damage nice and soft and then when your tanks are taking their second turn they can shield wall (or equivalent) through a good portion of their tanking time, allowing healers to spend a bit more time taking care of the raid.

    3. These guides are awesome! Keep up the real good work, the quick and clear tactics make it easier to understand the fight than those tedious long texts.

      Next wing soon to arrive?

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