Caer Morrighan in 2010

Well it seems things might get back onto a more even keel for me soon.  I’m hoping that this weekend I won’t have to work, and the second raid group in Dreamstate is ready to run independently just as soon as the MT/Raid Leader repairs the router his dogs ate …

So with a bit of luck I’ll have some more time to focus on the blog again.  Heres what I want to do over the next few months:

  1. Keep the Raid Crib Sheet series up to date.  The lack of  a Plagueworks crib sheet at the moment is due to the lack of a Plagueworks clear.  I’m working on it.
  2. I’ll finish the gear list for 3.3.  This is my first priority now.  I have all the information – I just need time to sit and type it all up.
  3. Finish off some old posts and get them up – I have a few things I’ve been working on that just kinda slipped over Christmas.  I have a series of posts about starting a WoW blog thats fairly close to being ready.
  4. Go self hosting!  This is main because I’d like to be able to access some of the extra features like embedded videos, plug ins, etc.  I know I can pay to extend this site a bit, but I want a few things and so I’m just going to go the whole hog and self host.  With a bit of luck I can then generate the gear list in a different format and make it MUCH quicker.
  5. I’m going to try and convince some people to write some posts for me.

What else would readers like to see?  What do you need to know about ret palas?  Or raiding?  Or other subjects?


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