ICC Lower Spire (10 and 25 Normal) Crib Sheet

Heres the tactics.  These are designed to be fast tactics that can be read quickly or pinned up by your PC.  There are links to further tactics and videos at the bottom.

Lord Marrowgar

Phase 1

  • Tanks hug and keep him facing away from the raid for Sabre Lash. 10 man = 2 tanks, 25 man = 3 tanks.
  • DPS and healers stand in a semi circle and stay fairly close to maximise healing and Bone Spike Graveyard dps.
  • Ranged take out spikes, with melee helping if needed.
  • All move out of Cold Flame (blue stuff).

Phase 2

  • Run!
  • Spread out along the walls, moving away if he comes towards you.
  • You still need to stay out of Cold Flame (blue stuff).
  • When this phase ends aggro is reset so don’t use DoTs and stop dps at the end.  Tanks need to grab him fast.

Lady Deathwhisper

Phase 1

  • 10 man = 2 tanks, 25 man = 2 tanks.
  • Lady Deathwhisper casts Shadow Bolt, Death and Decay and, on 25 man, Dominate Mind (cc players who are mind controlled).
  • Adds spawn every 60s.  These are relatively harmless unless Empowered, Transformed or Reanimated.  Any treated add is a priority.
  • Cult Adherents have a shield that makes them immune to casters and cast AoE when Empowered.  These are best taken out by physical dps.  Reanimated Adherents are immune to caster damage.
  • Cult Fanatics hit hard and should be kited, especially when Deformed.  These are best taken out by caster dps because getting close to them is risky.  Reanimated Fanatics are immune to physical dps.
  • Split DPS between adds and the boss to take down the mana shield.  How you do this depends on your raid makeup.  In 10 man we had 2 physical, 2 caster, 2 shield killers.

Phase 2

  • Tanks need to switch Lady Deathwhisper when Touch of Insignificance reaches ~3 stacks (depending on your threat/dps).
  • Lady Deathwhisper now casts Frostbolt and Frost Volley instead of Shadowbolt.  Interrupt Frostbolt every time.
  • Avoid the ghosts.

Icecrown Gunship

  • All aboard.  If you aren’t on the ship when it leaves, theres no way of picking you up.
  • 10 man = 2 tanks, 25 man = 2 tanks.  One for the invaders, one for the mage team.
  • Assign 2 (1o man) or 4 (25 man) Cannoneers.  They should use Cannon Blast to take out the Axethrowers and generate Heat.  Then, BEFORE reaching maximum Heat,  use Incinerating Blast to nuke the enemy ship.  If you reach maximum Heat you overheat and are locked out for 5s.  These people should be in cannons at all times.
  • Split dps and healers between the mage team and the invader team.  Melee are best on mages, whilst ranged are best on invaders.
  • The mage team should watch for the spawn of a Battle Mage.  This mage will channel a spell that freezes your cannons.  Use jetpacks to fly to the enemy ship (tank first).  The tank and healer manage the enemy commander, whilst the dps kill the mage.  Then immediately fly back and help with invaders.
  • The invader team should control the invading mobs.  The only ability of note is that the Sergeants do a whirlwind (Bladestorm).  Stay out of this.  Invaders gain stacking buffs if not killed quickly.
  • Don’t get hit by rockets (a big flashing target appears on the ground).

Deathbringer Saurfang

  • 10 man = 2 tanks.  25 man = 2 tanks.
  • The key to this fight is to minimise the Blood Points Saurfang gains. Having the boss go below 50% before the first Mark is used is a good goal for a kill.
  • Tanks split and stand on the corners of the platform to ensure 12 yards between melee and the free tank.
  • Ranged spread around the room, 12 yards apart, with healers placed strategically to cover the raid.
  • Saurfang gains Blood Points from:
    • Blood Nova – an AoE that hits 1 target plus everyone in a 12y range (2BP per target).  Prefers ranged.
    • Boiling Blood – a 24s DoT (8BP total).
    • Rune of Blood – casts on a tank and gains 1 BP and leaches health for each swing.  Tanks should taunt as soon as its applied to the other tank.
    • Every melee hit by a Blood Beast (1BP).  These spawn every 40s and need to be slowed, kited and killed by ranged.  Tanks and melee should take care not to aggro them.
  • When Saurfang reaches 100 BP he casts Mark of the Fallen Champion.  This is a DoT that does significant damage to 1 player and gives Saurfang 1BP per melee attack.  If a player dies with this, Saurfang heals for 5% of his total health.  The debuff survives through death.  This Mark is the built in enrage timer.  In the last 20% of the fight, having a dps off heal is better than anyone dying from this (more important in 10 man).
  • Also, Saurfang does a Frenzy every so often.  It is good to Disarm or use other debuffs to reduce his attacks at this point.


Lord Marrowgar
Wowiki tactics
Tankspot video and tactics

Lady Deathwhisper
Wowiki tactics
Tankspot video and tactics

Icecrown Gunship
Wowiki tactics
Tankspot video and tactics

Deathbring Saurfang
Wowiki tactics
Tankspot video and tactics

The next wing of ICC to be launched will be the Plagueworks containing Festergut, Rotface and Professor Putricide.


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  1. Hey, the Guide was nicce, im not that smart so i have copied all the things bcs i will nevah lern them in my head, but it was eazy to read, not that eazy to lern but ty, hehe

  2. Great guide!

    Went into my first ICC10 today as a healer and having not watched any videos or read any other tutorials.

    Your page includes just enough info to complete the bosses successfully without giving too much extra detail 🙂

    Thanks a lot!

  3. Really nice crib sheets – clear to understand.

    I’ve written tactics for the entire ICC in a different style over at my blog, feel free to check them out and comment.

    I’m looking forward to reading more posts from you hence subscribe checkbox ticked.

    Have a good day.

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