A challenge!

I need help.  Serious help.  I need … a guild name.

The wonderful Wahelen and some of my very nice friends have decided that just raiding 10 mans for now is far more fun.  Less nights, less stress, more fun – a friendly guild.  Inspired by the 10 man Ulduar runs we’ve been doing lately.  We shall have a proto drake!  Only Mimi, General and Yoggy stand between us and our new mounts.  And Mimi is looking a bit worried.

But we’re now stuck.  For a guild name.  TBH on the guild name front we suck.  Royally.

Anyone got any suggestions?


7 thoughts on “A challenge!

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  1. I don’t really have any suggestions, but I think you should pick a serious name, rather than a humorous one.

    Guilds with funny names don’t seem that stable to me. You may as well pick a name that has style, and is not just a joke.

  2. I’ve seen plenty of Awakens, Divines, Momentums, Apotheosi, Synergies, and a number of other one name wonder guilds burn out. Look at some of the more succesful guilds out there. In the top 100 US, there’s Seriously Casual, Casual, Simple Math, A Team, Pie Chart, Bad, Gigantor, Not Steamboat, We Know Girls, Aquired Taste, Mediocracy, Mediocrity, Huge in Japan, another guild named Casual, Gong Show, Tasty Beverage, Spike Flail, No Chicks Allowed, Elitist Jerks, Cuties Only, and Nurfed. Over 20% of the best guilds have some sort of ironic, post ironic, or self depreciating tag. It sounds like a listing of Arena Teams, except they’ve all got Tribute to Insanity.

    To be honest, Feminist Jerks would be a hilarious guild tag.

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