Link love and Morrighan’s top tip of the week

It seems I’ve had some link love recently. posted a link to How to wipe in Trial of the Grand Crusader so welcome to all the new readers who clicked through there. Plus Big Bear Butt said nice things about me, which is always nice. Its great when the bloggers you read turn out to read your blog too.

Now my turn to spread the link love around. You might have noticed I’ve added a few bloggers to my blogroll over the past few weeks:

Morrighan’s top tip of the week
This one is good for this week only.  The Pilgrim’s Bounty event is a great chance to level cooking on your alts!  The mats cost next to nothing, the various capitals are all easily accessible these days and unlike the big professions, the cooking has no level limits.  By that I mean that for enchanting, tailoring, etc. your character must be a certain level before they can progress the trade – you can’t have a level 1 with 400 enchanting.  The same is not true for cooking.  You should easily reach 300 cooking on your low level alts saving yourself a great deal of time and energy later so level up your favourites and don’t think about cooking again until Outland.


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