Hesttia’s (brief) foray into BG levelling

So Hesttia the Enhancement Shaman is 52.  Leveling at 52 involves a lot of flying.  You go to place A, do 5 quests, realize the rest are impossibly high level, then fly to place B and repeat.  So I decided to try some BG leveling.  It was Arathi Basin day, so I gave that a shot.

Epic fail.

  1. At 52 you are in the 51-60 bracket.  I’m 52.  The Horde are 58.  I die.
  2. DKs are OP.
  3. Did you know that if you put the Sentry Totem down you can’t move?  I didn’t.  I never did figure it out during the BG.  I just stopped using Totems.  Not that it would have mattered.
  4. Rogues are OP.
  5. I can do ok against a caster of about the same level as me.  I have an interrupt and I like it.

The moral of the story?  Don’t do BG leveling in the lower half of a BG bracket unless you are far more patient than me.


2 thoughts on “Hesttia’s (brief) foray into BG levelling

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  1. Well death knights would seem overpowered if you are only level 52 as they are more than likely level 58+ and have outland quality gear, and well any low level toons in a bg are meat an veg for a rogue. Neither means the class is overpowered however, once you have reached 58-60 yourself and have a few pieces from outland jump back in you will be the one at the top of the food chain.

    I’d also say AV is a better place to go if you are at the bottom of the bracket

  2. Yeah it is a good idea to do it when you are higher level. I leveled my shaman some in BG, but I went resto for it. You are much more effective at lower levels and can usually heal yourself through until some1 can come kill whatever is attacking you.

    Also, it depends on what bracket you are in b/c the level 60-69 seems to lose much more than 70-79.

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