Meter busting ret dps: Onyxia

Cross posted at Big Hit Box on 5 November 2009

Heres the good news.  As a ret pala you can top the meters.  Depending on assignments and comparative gear levels you are competitive on most fights.  There are some where target switching just leaves you out in the cold, but mostly you’ll find your dps is solid going on up to fabulous.  What you need to know, are the tricks that help you maximise your dps.  Lolret is no more in PvE.  I’ve seen a couple of blogs post recently that ret doesn’t do dps that well.  They are at least a year out of date.  Its good for us right now.

The good news?  All of these tips are in the best interests of the raid too.  Especially if you are going for the timed achievement.  Its also time to learn that special skill – Seal Twisting.

Phase One: Ground
All melee dps should be on Onyxia.  In the interests of maximising raid dps it is utterly pointless to have the melee running around like headless chickens, wasting dps and coming in range of the tail.  The first thing a good raid leader needs to know about melee is that running melee are wasted melee.  Don’t make them run if you can help it.  The ranged can cast a few safe spells.  Tell them it will increase their dps to do a bit of AoE – this makes them happy.  Don’t tell them that you are going to out-dps them anyway 😉

For this phase stand somewhere safe and pump out damage.  You will of course be using Seal of Vengeance.  Pop an early wings as soon as you have five stacks so it comes back up again towards the end.

Phase Two: Air
Just before she takes of Onyxia runs to the other end of the room.  Heres a tip – stick with her.  Run along and get that last shred of dps in.  Its good for the raid because you can’t start on the whelps until the tanks have aggro – believe me you will be at risk of aggroing them.  Especially since you’re about to output massive dps.

Then, as you run from her takeoff spot to the whelp tank you need to do some Seal twisting.  Pop Seal of Command and start on those whelps.  Every single hit is now AoE.  Watch your dps rocket (and keep a close eye on your aggro).

When the big adds come you should take these.  Stick with Seal of Command to take out lose whelps.  Whatever you do run out of the AoE nova because otherwise you die.   Ret palas rarely die because we’re imba.  Also run to the edges for Deep Breath.  Don’t take risks.  Dead ret pala = poor dps.

Phase Three: Ground
Onyxia lands again.  Pop Seal of Vengeance back on and pew pew again.  Theres nothing you can do about fears other than hope for shammy totems.  While you’re not in melee range remember to use Judgement and Exorcism.  If neither of those are available pop an Art of War Flash Heal.  Remember to stay alive.  Use your utility.  You should get a second wings.

Now this technique should give you a shot at topping the meters 🙂  You’re only real competitor will be a really good rogue.

Updated to correct deliberate mistake in P3 😉


4 thoughts on “Meter busting ret dps: Onyxia

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  1. Mutilate rogues are haxx on Ony… My undergeared, average iLvl 220 rogue hit 16k dps on Ony, whole fight considered. Whelp dps was spiking around 30k.

    But paladins are funner!

  2. My rogue does around 7.2k dps in first phase, then when she goes up and whelps come out i can top out at around 14k dps. I cannot how ever believe you hit 30k dps or finished with 16k as in 3rd phase your dps would cut in half, hence why i dont believe the 30k dps, if you have a screenshot that would be awesome, because i dont even see boomkins or mages doing that good on aoe, even with the glyph there is not way you would do that kind of aoe. FoK spam is limited and its not going to get u to 30k 🙂

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