Guest post, Hallows End and shameless recruitment plug

Guest post
You can check out my guest post over at World of Snarkcraft – EZ WoW – Solutions for the E-Peen Generation.  I wrote it just after reading some other blogs, and then realised it was REALLY snarky.  Expect to see more extreme snarking over here too.

Hallows End
I am now Morrighan of the Hallowed.  And after me, my husband,  and my friends Wahelen, Gwendolyne and Snipper used every single one of our alts who could summon, so are Wahelen and Ethanuel.  Gz to them.  Last week we hadn’t seen a drop and were all a bit worried, but the last few days saw everything we needed drop.

Gwen and Snipper seem to be going for the achievement on every character.  And they might make it too!

Shameless recruitment plug
Also, one of our ret palas seems to have gone AWOL.  So Forgotten Heroes is looking for a new one.  If you think you’ve got the skills and experience you can apply on the FH website (I know its not pretty, but its attached to a superb dkp addon).

Forgotten Heroes is a progress raiding guild on the Darksorrow-EU server.  We’re looking for a mature and knowledgeable retribution paladin to join our team.  We raid Wed, Thur, Sun, Tue from 18.45 EU server time to 23.00, but theres lots more opportunities to raid on other nights if you want more (we do TotC 25 twice a week, 10 man heroic runs, etc.).  You must be able to use Vent and speak and understand English as this is the main language for the guild.

We’ve currently cleared all normal mode content.  We are 4/5 in Trial of the Grand Crusader 10 man with multiple groups and have had some good tries (read >10% on Icehowl) on Northrend Beasts in Trial of the Grand Crusader 25 – I expect (hope!) it will go down soon.  We’re also working our way through Glory of the Ulduar Raider.



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