Highlights from the Developer Twitter Chat

I recommend popping over to MMO Champion to read the whole thing as its very interesting.  But a few key points that I think are worth mentioning are (paraphrasing in italics, comments in normal text):

  • The Cataclysm will NOT be phased.  There won’t be any players in the old Azeroth unable to talk to players in the new Azeroth.  Old Azeroth will cease to exist. I think this has been mentioned before but it was pretty firm in the chat.
  • Tol Barad will be capturable like Wintergrasp.  Once captured, it will be more like the Isle of Qual’Danas i.e. a daily quest hub with some PvP. Thats a massively leading statement.  For those on PvP realms Quel’Danas was full of PvP!  However, if only one faction can access the quests in the captured Tol Barad, or if the quests are weekly PvP quests rather than daily PvE quests, this will not feel at all like Quel’Danas.  The reason for the PvP was that both sides were competing for the same daily quest resources.  The Tournament would work the same way if it wasn’t for the safe zone.
  • Tier 10 tokens will operate on yet another model.  The 10 player ilevel tokens will be purchased with Emblems of Frost.  The 25 player ilevel tokens will then be in class groups and will be used to upgrade the 10 player ilevel version. The developer did not say if tokens would be slot specific again.  I am assuming not.
  • ICC bosses will be gradually unlocked in some way similar to ToC and Sunwell.  You will have to defeat Arthas in normal mode before you can access hard modes. This raid leader will need to have done this. Combining parts of the ToC model with the Ulduar model.  ICC will hopefully have the best of both.   I’m glad to see the 4 raid model gone, but this stay as I felt it made progressing a bit more relaxed.

2 thoughts on “Highlights from the Developer Twitter Chat

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  1. Bah – I liked the four raid model – though I only raid the 10s seriously – the 25s are a PUG we do, and no 25 HM.

    Ah well – at least we’ll get to see how Sylvanas handles him in the end.

  2. From the pov of a 25 man raiding guild, the four raid model just created too many raids and too much repetativeness. The principle is good, but the hard modes are too similar to go that route.

    I think TotC would have been awesome of TotGC had different fights rather than just make things hit harder. Then the model would have worked for us too.

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