Achievement fest, or how a bad night turned good

So last night. Raid invite time comes and where am I? Still on a train. Meetings ran late. I missed the raid. The guild ran ToTC 25.  Realising I was at a loose end I decided to do a few things I wouldn’t normally be able to do on a Wednesday night.

Did you notice the Headless Horseman drops rings?
First I logged onto Arianrhodd to do the Headless Horseman. I had a bonus summon, never having done it before, after having quickly put out the fires in Brill. I went, I summoned, I got the Ring of Ghoulish Glee, I was happy. I now have two epic rings at least! I missed out on the sword, but maybe I’ll try and go back each day and get it and the helm.

The Saviour of Hallows End ACHIEVED!
Bring me the head of … oh wait ACHIEVED!

GNERD inspired PvP
So that being done, I moved on to Morrighan and started looking for some GNERD infused honour kills. I found most of the 50 I needed in WG. It’s the first time I’ve done WG since the limit on the number of people was introduced. Is the lag better? Yes. Is it still awful? Yes. But I got some honour, some quests and most of my kills. Then I hopped into a quick Eye of the Storm. We ran, we took towers, we realized it was going rather well. Then the message came up – Too few players, battleground will close in 2 minutes. But with four towers and a few flag runs, we won in less than 2 minutes. 1600 to 0.

The Perfect Storm ACHIEVED!

Ulduar Revisited
By then ToTC 25 had finished. The guild was off to Ulduar. The GM was sleepy so he handed over the reins to a fellow officer and went to bed. I replaced him. Wahelen, in his wisdom, decieded to try FL hard mode.

First there was some debate about what FL hard mode was. For some reason a couple of people were convinced it was 3 towers up. This is because they couldn’t see the achievement for four towers, which only appears after you have killed 3 towers. /facepalm

Then we decided to do Dwarfaggeddon. Try one – epic fail. People killed dwarves they shouldn’t kill. We took out the spider bots and the giants our biker brought back and waited a few seconds before we tried again.

Dwarfaggedon (25 man) ACHIEVED!

Then we had a couple of fail tries on FL. The most irritating thing was that it showed up what people cleared didn’t know how to do. Given we had some warning that we might try FL this irritated me. A lot. Added to that someone decided not to die and I died twice just trying to use the teleporter. I was not amused. The tactics for FL are not that hard. People weren’t messing up on Freya’s adds or Mimirons flames. They were failing to understand being launched from a Demolisher! I’m a terrible raid leader because I always expect people to be prepared. If they don’t understand tactics – ask. If they haven’t read the tactics beforehand – why not! I don’t expect to down things fast, I don’t mind wiping. But I feel we should never wipe because of something you could have read on Wowiki.  Action point for all raiders going back to Ulduar hardmodes: go back and reread the Ulduar tactics. Its been a while and the hard modes need you to understand not just the hard mode mechanic, but also the original tactics!

More explanations.

Then the turning point came. Then finally we had a good try. We wiped because the second team launched too soon. And then, on try 4:

Nuked from Orbit (25 Player) ACHIEVED!
Orbit-uary (25 Player) ACHIEVED!

Some people got more than that too!  Credit for this kill goes to a few people. I want to mention Girion, who did awesome amounts of DPS as a Demolisher driver. Also Hitmerules and Cheesygrin who did a great job there. But in particular Wahelen, who remained calm throughout, who had faith we could manage it. Wahelen is unflappable in the face of failure. Hes encouraging, praises gradual progress, explains calmly and does a great job of leading raids.

More dwarf killing
Then we moved on to Razorscale and decided to kill some dwarves. One tank took the guardians, some ranged took their health down to a low enough level. Then she landed and we let her take them out. That’s when the bug became evident. Not everyone got the same number of kills each time. Consequently, by the time he enraged not everyone had the achievement. We came back, screwed up stupidly and while we were all lying dead on the floor he killed another batch of guardians. And all of the rest of us got our achievement.

Iron Dwarf, Medium Rare (25 player) ACHIEVED!

Apart from one. Hitmerules still needed 1 dwarf! So in our kill we carefully selected a victim, got him the achievement, took it down and got the speed kill achievement for the few very new people who didn’t have it. Credit for this one has to go to Elfbabe and Melanai who masterminded it. Elfbabe in particular did a great job telling people when to dps the guardians, when to stop and getting them in place.

It was the most fun we’ve had in Ulduar for AGES. It was great. It follows a 6% try in TotGC 25 Northrend Beasts and having cleared everying in TotGC 10 apart from Anub with two raid groups this week.  It seems after all the changes FH is finally starting to gel and the progress is coming.  The Ulduar achievements maybe are helped by us being OP.  The TotGC ones aren’t so I’m quite pleased with them.

And the icing on the very large chocolate cake – getting to tell the GM that while he slept we managed all these achievements. Its like the time he missed the guilds first Yogg kill because he had to go and rescue someone on a boat. I replaced him then too. Mwhahahahaha!

And just to finish off the night, with yet another Eye of the Storm victory (it was the daily – that’s normally the best chance you have to win anything on my realm as Alliance):


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