Dragon Killer (Sartharion, Malygos and Onyxia 10 and 25 normal) Crib Sheet

Obsidian Sanctum (Sartharion)

Dragon mini bosses (Vesperon, Shadron and Tenebron)

  • 1 tank for the dragon, 1 to take adds inside the portal (generally)
  • When the portal appears everyone but the dragon tank and his healer goes in and kill the adds/eggs.
  • You can Zerg Vesperon and Tenebron, but not Shadron as he is untouchable while his portal add is alive.
  • Get out of swirly blue things before you die!


  • 1 MT tank, tanking where she stands but facing right.
  • Stay away from the head (cleave, breaths) and the tail (swipe).
  • 1-2 OTs take the fire adds; collect and drag to the melee for AoE.
  • If a fire add gets hit by a Fire Wall it enrages and a hunter or a rogue should de-enrage it.
  • Stay out of Fire Walls.
  • Fire wall spot one: when Fire Wall comes from the right the spot is roughly in the middle of the island.
  • Fire wall spot two: when Fire Wall comes from the left the spots are towards the top of the island (for the tank) and towards the bottom of the island (about 1/3 up) for everyone else.
  • Pop CDs in the last 10% when the number of adds spawning increases – ignore and nuke the boss.

The Eye of Eternity (Malygos)

Phase 1

  • 1 tank facing him away from the raid.
  • Incoming orbs should be slowed using snares and destroyed next to the boss so all dps and healers can stand on them for a dps boost.  Use cds when you have two stacked.
  • Keep the raid topped ready for Vortex – you can only use instant casts during Vortex.

Phase 2

  • 2 tanks on the ground adds.
  • DPS down the ground adds first.  Melee should get on the discs as they appear to take out the flying adds.  You won’t take damage from Malygos while flying on the discs.
  • If you are on the ground stay in the bubble!
  • Run from bubble to bubble on full health only and don’t get caught outside during Deep Breath which will do a lot of damage.

Phase 3

  • All group together before you fall onto your dragons. Stay together and stay 30 yards away from Malygos.
  • Assign 2-4 healers who just stack Revivity and proc Lifeburst to heal everyone around them.  All players hug the healers.
  • Keep enough energy at all time to proc a shield if he turns his gaze on you.
  • Move together (normally clockwise) from Static Field.
  • The optimum dps rotations is 1-1-2 (Flame spike-Flame spike-Engulf).
  • Don’t die!

Onyxia’s Lair
This fight has 3 phases – ground phase 1, air phase, ground phase 2.

Ground Phases

  • 1 tank on Onyxia, 1 tank on the whelps
  • Melee on Onyxia.  Stay away from the tail (swipe) and the head (cleave).
  • Ranged take down the whelps. Stay away from the whelp caves so tanks get aggro.
  • On ground phase 2 don’t stand on the cracks in the floor.  Tremor totems ftw.

Air phase

  • 1 tank on whelps, 1 on whelps/large adds
  • Melee on adds, ranged on Onyxia (if you have enough melee)
  • Take down the large adds first.
  • Run out when the adds do Blast Nova.
  • All run to the edge of the room when she does a Deep Breath.  DBM gives you plenty of warning.

Obsidian Sanctum
Wowiki tactics
Tankspot video

The Eye of Eternity
Wowiki tactics
Tankspot video 10 | 25

Onyxia’s Lair
Wowiki tactics
Tankspot video


One thought on “Dragon Killer (Sartharion, Malygos and Onyxia 10 and 25 normal) Crib Sheet

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  1. Slight nitpick: the “r” in “proc” stands for “random”. I would use “invoke”, “activate” or simply “use” for the drake abilities in EoE Phase 3.

    Might want to also mention that Aces High! is practice for EoE Phase 3.

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