T10 Libram revealed – ret pala community goes ‘Meh’

Tier 10 Libram is go.  And its … interesting.  Your Crusader Strike ability grants 44 Strength for 15 sec.  Stacks up to 5 times.

44 strength x5 = 220 strength.  Lets just start by saying that 220 strength is good.  I like Strength.

It will take a minimum of 16 seconds to get the five stacks up.  Thats a theoretical minimum.  Even with CS at the top of the ability tree, you will find that the dps loss of waiting for a CS cooldown and the global cooldown mean it takes longer.

On a plus note this is a buff to you not a debuff on the target, meaning it won’t be affected by target changes (we could just wish that Seal of Vengeance worked that way – Libram of Valiance also does).  It will also stay up 100% of the time once running.

So how does this work out compared to the other Librams in our arsenal?  The best Libram at the current time is Libram of Valiance.  I’m going to ignore the other Librams because this Libram is easy to get now and will be even easier in patch 3.3.

Libram of Valiance. Each time your Seal of Vengeance/Corruption ability does periodic damage to the target you have a chance to gain 200 Strength for 16 sec.

Heres how I see it (feel free to critique).

220 strength with a 100% up time is better than 200 strength with a 90-odd% up time.  But a 20 sec minimum ramp up is bad.  So bad that I think I will be staying with Valiance unless there are some very long Patchwerk style fights.  If it drops off, then like Seal of Vengeance you’ll have to start again at the beginning.  Very bad.

When you find yourself using Seal of Cleave Command then you’ve now got a worthy Libram.  And you can attach it to a macro for when you change Seals.  Depending on the fights in Icecrown this may or may not be worth doing later rather than sooner.


2 thoughts on “T10 Libram revealed – ret pala community goes ‘Meh’

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  1. First, it will take 16 seconds to get to 220 strength not 20 seconds. You are forgetting that you will get to 1 application immediately and not 4 seconds into the fight.

    Second, I think it is actually supposed to be 73 strength on this Libram instead of 44 (and the protection libram is supposed to be 44 dodge instead of 73). I base this on the DK relics.

    If the numbers are reversed it would answer some concerns. It would then take this libram only 8 seconds to pass Valiance. Also most of the tankadins I know are worried that 73 dodge would get eaten up by diminishing returns. 44 dodge would probably see a comparable dodge chance to 73 due to less being lost to DR.

    1. Excellent point Micah – I’ve updated the post with the change of time.

      Now the 73 strength change would completely change my point of view. 365 strength is a lot more and, given that this is a buff on you, would support target changes and seal twisting meaning it was good in almost any boss fight (unless you spend too long out of melee range of something so that it drops off – but thats very few fights).

      Going to watch the PTR builds and hope 🙂

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