Why I miss the 0.3% wipes

Generally I like Wrath better than TBC.  I definitely like the accessibility of raids.  But there is one thing that bugs me.  We don’t really get those 0.3% wipes often any more.

In the arms of Kologorn
Last night, for reasons best know only to himself, our raid leader decided we should try and get the achievement to kill Kologorn without killing his arms.  Its not part of the Glory meta so I was a bit miffed.  But whatever.

We got it.  The trick is that when he drops people he yells ‘Oblivion’.  If you really control your dps you can save 3-4 sets of people by dpsing the right arm after they get swiped.  Every time you hear ‘Oblivion’ go back to the chest fast.  Don’t DoT him.  When the arm is on about 15% stop doing this, shufty the melee over to stand under the left arm where they won’t hit the right so often and dps while you still can.

What was good, was the excitement of a 0.3% wipe.  With people dropping like flies and only one tank and a healer up, they died and the fight was over.  And I realised that those fights were something I missed from Wrath.

The secret of Wrath raiding
Don’t die.

Thats it.  If every single person manages to live, 85% of fights, including hard modes go down.  For the other 15% everyone needs to live and do good dps/healing/etc.  Just don’t die.  For progress guilds on hard modes death=wipe.

I don’t really like the hard mode mechanic much.  The fights tend to be gimmicky and repetative.  They either aren’t different enough or have an added gimmick that makes them a bit silly.  I really hope Blizzard can find a better way.

The other thing the hard mode mechanic does is make the difference between a success and a wipe much wider.  Someone died?  Take the wipe.  Most wipes are quick.  The 0.3% wipe is something you see so rarely because if everyone lives, its a kill.

I really dislike this.  TBC raiding managed to be challenging without requiring this.  I remember these low % wipes.  Lots of them.  While you pushed the edges of an enrage or how many people died or whatever.

What I would like to see
More hard modes where success wasn’t defined soley by keeping 25 people alive for 5 minutes.  Maybe players have to successfully do something, or even you know you are going to lose some players but have to work through it like the Kologorn achievement.  All of the gimmicks are belittled at the moment by the need to keep 100% of players alive.

I don’t really want the fights to be made easier.  Just different.  Its quite hard to explain.  The challenge, when you first went to see him, of Gruul was not 100% survival.  It was keeping enough players alive to kill him before he was too much to handle.  Make the hard modes more challenging in terms of what players have to do and the hoops they have to jump through.  Don’t just add one little gimmick and insist no one dies.  Then, since the challenge lies here, make the deaths a little  more forgiving (losing 1-2 people from 25 should not necessitate a wipe).

Not to make the fights easier.  To make them more fun.  Wrath wanted to get rid of 15 minute boss fights.  I would like to get rid of 30 second forced wipes in Cataclysm.


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