So now I’m no longer an officer I have some time to spend on other things.  I’m indulging my Altaholism at the moment.  Trial of the Crusader/Onyxia and the Emblem changes are such that both my alts can raid.

Akandra the Discipline Priest
I did Trial of the Crusader 10 on Akandra the healer.  I can feel the difference healing on her as opposed to being on Morrighan.  Probably because I used to have on Akandra what I now have on Morrighan – that kind of instinctive experience with my class that means when the going gets tough I can pull out all the stops in a split second.  Knowing instantly where my buttons are and what does the things I need.

That being said, no one died from my failure apart from me.

It was a clear, a success and a great deal of fun.  And as some of the blogs I continue to read and my Horde experiences remind me, not everyone has waltzed around and cleared Trial of the Crusader even with their mains.   So I am very please to be able to go with my alts.

Plans for Akandra – Trial of the Crusader 25.  I took my main to our alt run this week as she didn’t get in on the main run.  But hopefully I will this week and then I can bring Akandra to the Friday run.

Enalla the Feral Bear Druid
Now for me its the other way around.  Trial of the Crusader was my nostalgia moment, healing on my priest.  I never did Onyxia at 60.  But my friends Rincmaster, Uvejret and Wahelen were putting together an Onyxia run so I offered the services of my suite of characters.  And knowing me as they do, they let me bring Enalla my feral tank to what I called Enalla’s First Raid (which is especially nice considering Rinc loves to tank so thanks especially to him).

It was a one shot.  I tanked the lady herself.  It was HUGE fun. I loved it.  Special thanks go to Mokelok, Lela and Morningblade for controlling their aggro so well.  Yes I know I need a new weapon.

Plans for Enalla –  Ulduar 10 to start with.  With a new weapon I could also manage Trial of the Crusader 10 most likely.

Arianrhodd the Frost Death Knight
I’m just trying my hardest here to get her some gear.  Without the kind of support that a large and friendly guild like Forgotten Heroes its much harder to gear up.  Right now I am busy upping my weapon skills after the dual wield switch and farming rep, rep and more rep.

I’ve found having this character an incredibly useful experience.  It reminds me of how hard things are still in this game for some players.  It makes me feel even more angry when I see people complain about ‘welfare epics’ and ‘raids are too easy’.

Plans for Arianrhodd – PuGs and lots of em.  Especially in 3.3 with that PuG achievement out there.

I am levelling two characters at the moment.  Morrighan the Blood Elf paladin with my husband and his hunter, Hesttia the Drenai shaman on her own with a full set of Heirloom gear.  Both are in their 40s and on the last run up to Outland.  Hesttia will probably have to spend longer in Azeroth, levelling her Engineering.

Plans for the levelling characters – get them both to 80.  I will definitely try some PvP levelling too on Hesttia – probably in the last run up to 58.

In other news …
Morrighan had some tries on Anub’arak on 10 man hard mode last night.  For my first time on the hard mode version it was good, I only noob died once.  We tried with just two healers, but thats not enough.  What we need to down him is 3 good healers, 2 good tanks and 5 dps good enough to ensure we only had one burrow phase.  We had a few problems with crashed login servers, etc. and never quite got enough tries once we had that setup.  But he will die.  Our very first attempt was 9%!!!  And it wasn’t the only one where he went low that night.  Its close.


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  1. We run two healers – Disc and Resto shaman – with an ele shaman dropping the totem in the other group, and JoL on the boss from the tankadin (me). If things get really dicey we might have to use a LoH or two – and our retadin uses his bubble/divine sacrifice as soon as he can after his wings are down.

    We also ignore adds after the first burrow. OT just pulls them off to the side after interrupting their shadowslash.

    Good luck – sounds like you’re right on the cusp. I’m fairly certain we only had 4 attempts remaining the first week we got him – he’s a tough nut to crack.

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