The State of the Blog Report

I noticed something today.  My blog has had over 10,000 views.  Woohoo!  Thank you everyone who is reading.

Now as well as being good for my ego, the blog stats are very useful to me because they let me know who is reading what.  This helps me see what posts people like (that I should do more of) and what ones they don’t.

I have 54 posts since the blog started in April 2009.   The top 5 posts are:

  1. Retribution Gear List
  2. Patch 3.2.2 non-raid retribution gear list
  3. Trial of the Crusader (Normal 10 and 25) Crib Sheet
  4. Retribution Paladin Gear List 3.2 ed.  – Additional items
  5. Meta Gems for Ret Palas, A True Story

Now some of those have been around for longer than others.  I should be forever grateful it seems to the applicant who couldn’t understand paladin gemming.  I’m also glad that the pre-raid list is useful.

I have actively tried to promote the blog.  Most of my referrers are wordpress tags or sites where I’ve posted links to encourage people to come.  I just want to say one big big big thank you though, to The Suicidal Zebra.  He linked my gear list and is by far my biggest referrer and I love him for it.

So where next?
I’m working on the Dragonkiller Crib Sheet.  Ulduar will likely come in two parts.  Naxxramas I am undecided whether I should do or not.  I’d like to, for my obsession with completeness.

In draft also is a post about paladin rotations and another about buffs.  I’ll also do one on glyphs.  I have some plans to write short guides (with lots of references) on Ret PvP, Holy and Prot for off specs and then finish it off with a summary post that gives you the information in very short form.

I will also post up some other sets – particularly a pre-heroic set which isn’t included on my gear list.  The kind of gear you should get before you start to pug.

And expect to see some more rants.  I typically rant on the guild website, but I think it would be far more fun to do it here!  I rant very well, having had lots of experience.


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  1. Hi there! grats to the jubilee! I’ve never seen your blog before (probably since it’s ret pala themed and I’m pretty far from that in my game play). I’m not much for gear lists, but if you’ll write some great rants, I’m all yours!


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