Enchants and Item Enhancements for Ret Palas

One important thing to get right, and one thing I always look for in applications, is good enchanting, gemming and enhancing of your gear.  If you only bothered to put +8 stats on chest, I notice.  If you’ve enchanted hit and are over the hit cap, I notice.  If you have a profession you should level it to at least the point where you can access the extras it offers – again something I notice.  All together these will also increase your dps.

Where do enchants and enhancements come from?
Enchants come from an enchanter right?  True.  But there are several other sources of enchant and enhancement you also need to know about:

  • Reputation based enchants (Head, Shoulder)
  • Crafted enhancements all players can buy (Belt, Legs)
  • Crafted enhancements that are specific to a profession

You should always aim to take at least one crafting profession that offers an enhancement of some form, be it Enchanting (enchants on rings), Jewelcrafting (more powerful gems), Leatherworking (fur lining on bracers), Blacksmithing (extra gem sockets) or Tailoring (cloak enhancements).  Alchemy also offers a bonus in that you get more of a bonus from flasks (extra stats and they last longer), but this isn’t attached to an item.

Arcanum of Torment (50 AP, 20 crit) from Revered with Knights of the Ebon Blade.

Greater Inscription of the Axe (40 AP, 15 crit) from Exalted with Sons of Hodir.
Inscription only: Master’s Inscription of the Axe (120 AP, 15 crit)

Enchant Cloak – Major Agility (22 agility)
Tailoring only: Melee and Ranged attacks sometimes increase your attack power by 400 for 15 seconds.
Engineering only: Flexweave Underlay 23 Agility.

Enchant Chest – Powerful Stats (+10 stats (giving you 10 strength and 10 agility))

Enchant Bracers – Greater Assault (50 AP)
Leatherworking only: Fur Lining – Attack Power (130AP)
Blacksmithing only: Socket Bracer (adds an additional gem socket to your bracer)

Enchant Gloves – Crusher (44 AP)
Blacksmithing only: Socket Gloves (adds an additional gem socket to your gloves)

Eternal Belt Buckle (adds an additional gem socket to your belt)

Icescale Leg Armor (75 AP, 22 crit)

Enchant Boots – Greater Assault (32 AP)
Enchant Boots – Icewalker (12 crit, 12 hit)

Enchanters only: Enchant Ring – Assault (40 AP)

Enchant Weapon – Beserking (sometimes increases attack power by 400 at the cost of reduced armor)
Enchant 2H Weapon – Massacre (110 AP)

Beserking is best!  But its very expensive so consider Massacre or even the cheaper Greater Savagery until you get a weapon worth the expense.  I would use lesser enchants until I had the very best pre-raid and then use Beserking – unless I was guild progress raiding with a lesser weapon.  Once you start raiding you should never scrimp with enchants.

There are no enhancements for Trinkets or Librams.

Professions and the buffs they offer
So which profession is best? Quick answer – Jewelcrafting which adds 42 strength (81.48).

Now for the long answer.  All the professions offer something good.  If you are starting a new char to raid as ret then JC is the way to go.  If you have two gathering professions then I suggest keeping the mining (everyone takes mining) and adding JC.

After JC?  Blacksmithing which adds 40 strength (77.6).  If you have a tonne of cash run JC and Blacksmithing.  And I mean a tonne!

This is followed by Alchemy, Leatherworking, Inscription and Enchanting, all of which offer 80 AP (60.8).  Personally, if you have an alt with Mining or enough cash, then I would choose Enchanting as a second profession (with JC).  I will probably do this when I have that alt.  Mainly for the million times I’ve thought – damn I wish I was an Enchanter in various instances.  But remember you will have to level that alt fast to keep you supplied with mines.

If you already have one of these other professions, then the dps loss from JC is tiny and you should feel free to stick with it for the other advantages it brings.  Leatherworking in particular could be combined with Skinning which also adds 40 crit rating (42.4).  The introduction of drums that buff Gift of the Wild and Blessing of Kings has made Leatherworking even more desirable and this would be a useful combination for a melee dps of any class at this time.  The disadvantage, however, is that this profession doesn’t make anything you can use as plate gear wise.

The other crafting professions also add something.  Engineering brings just a tiny increase in DPS (the haste glove enchant is barely better than the AP one or the rockets add just a small amount of DPS).  Tailoring, however, gives you a cloak Embroidery that procs for 130 AP.  Since you replace 22 agility with this thats a 76.8 point difference but only while the proc is up. This means ultimately its not as good as the professions listed above.  Iif you want a viable pair of professions then Tailoring + Enchanting are a good combination.  Both are crafting professions that give good buffs.  The disadvantage is again that Tailoring can’t make anything you can use as retribution in terms of gear.

I personally feel that for guilds that aren’t going for server firsts on high population servers, theres nothing wrong with matching a crafting profession with a gathering profession.  Any guild who demands two crafting professions without having the progress to back that up is asking too much of its players.


7 thoughts on “Enchants and Item Enhancements for Ret Palas

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  1. You missed Nitro Boosts (24 crit) for feet, and Flexweave Underlay (23 agility) for Engineering. We get server firsts regularly – and both our Paladins (and now a druid) are Engineers because it’s a fun profession. Let’s be honest – the game has changed from Sunwell where you needed everyone to be a LW for the drums. I’m not saying that you can’t get some added benefit – and yes, from a pure RAWR sheet standpoint it’s more – from JC/BS than say – Eng/Alch – but I feel those are things you do when you’re trying to make the “right first impression”. They aren’t actually needed.

    I will agree though – it’s something that we looked at for applications (back when we did that). Having the best or at least maxed crafting professions shows you’re dedicated to what you’re doing.

    Solid list though. I was hoping to see you gem selection as well though.

  2. Thanks for those Adgamorix.

    I would say that there is no reason to ever use the Nitro boots. 23 crit scores 20.7 using the gear scores. The 32 AP enchant scores 24.96 and Icewalker, if you need the hit which is the only reason to have it, scores 42.18 (but only 10.8 if you are over the hit cap).

    I’ve added in the Flexweave Underlay, which you would take.

    I totally agree that Engineering is fun! And since Anub’arak the repair bot is back in vogue. TBH its not Engineers fault that they’ve not been given the same goodies other professions have and I think thats a pretty major oversight from Blizzard. Plus there are more PvP gains from Engineering where the added utility of Engineering is more important.

    Its totally about choice. From a pure dps standpoint you can follow the guidance above if thats what you are aiming for. This information will help there. But thats not the only considertion. As it happens I’m a JC. But I actually became a JC so I could make gems for what was then my main, my priest. So in no way did I consider the information above at the time.

    Gem rules live on Meta Gems for Ret Palas. I’ve not updated for 3.2.2 yet but I have sat down and done the math and the rules are unchanged.

  3. Thanks – I do believe however that the spreadsheets are not counting the sheer awesomeness that is the Nitro Boosts. That’s worth at least 10 DPS 🙂

    Honestly I just mentioned them because you seemed to have overlooked them. In a min/max environment, you won’t see many engineers anyway – so you’re right on that one. You haven’t seen fun until you pop your boots and wings in the confines of an AV tower as you and your ret partner Divine Storm your way to greatness.

  4. Not for retribution, as it affects so little of our damage. According to the 3.2.2 stats from Redcape, which are the ones I use to score my gear, haste is worth 0.83 compared to agility being worth 1.

    Even with the additional need to get 5 stacks of Seal of Vengeance up, haste is still not that great. A small improvement for the first few seconds of a boss fight isn’t worth stacking a stat for.

  5. what do you think is it better to allways get the best
    Item Enhancements for every new item ore should i wait for
    very good items to Enhancement them ? because money is very rare in my bag 😛

    1. I think it depends on what you are intending to do with the character and at what point in the tier process the current expansion is.

      I wouldn’t ever enchant greens personally, and I would only put green level gems in them and cheaper enhancements. But then I would never expect to go into a raid environment, or a rated PvP environment, in greens.

      I would enhance the best pre-raid gear I could get if I wanted to raid whatever it was. I would also enhance to the best availability any item I was going to end up progress raiding with. On an alt, I might use a cheaper enhancement on a particularly poor item I was trying hard to replace, but I wouldn’t then aim at progress raiding with that character (though I might do a previous tier if I was missing only a couple of items). I feel that when you raid you have a responsibility to others to have put in the best you can before you go in there and not expect them to carry you through (unless you’ve agreed that with your guild, which we do sometimes).

      If I was just doing dungeons, I would normally put something on any item I got, but it might be a cheaper version if the item was weak (especially with weapon enchants or enchants that have multiple versions and gems). However, ‘cheaper’ relates to how much cash you have.

      Its not hard to make money in Wrath and if you always seem to lack cash you might want to look at how you might make more. I make most of mine raiding (it always covers the repair bills unless you are wiping on one boss a lot), questing and from selling random drops on the AH. Always pick up your greys and sell them. I rarely farm for cash. I do dailies only when I am looking for their other benefits (rep and achievements). I do pair my professions sensibly – so I have mining to support my jewelcrafting. Two crafting professions would give more of a raid boost, but would cost a fortune! I also make sure my alts pay their own way which just takes a bit of patience and sometimes a bit of farming.

      Hope that helps.

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