Paladin bubbles beat the nerfbat: 3.3 and retribution

Tier 10 set bonuses
Paladin t10 set bonuses are on the PTR.  For ret we had:

2P – Your seals and judgements deal 10% additional damage.
4P – Your melee attacks have a 4% chance to reset the cooldown on your Divine Storm ability.

Then – well ofc they changed it.  But they changed it to this:

2P – Your melee attacks have a 40% chance to reset the cooldown on you Divine Storm ability.
4P –  Your seals and judgements deal 10% additional damage.

Heres your special instructions on how to deal with this information:

  1. Read it again.  And again.  You should keep reading it until it sinks in.
  2. Get up and do a little dance.  Wherever you might be.
  3. Start hoping they don’t get changed.  If you believe in any particular deity/being then consider prayer.

Why?  Are the overpowered?  No clue, although the 4P one sounds v v good (which I guess is why it was changed to 4P).  But they are fun!  The 4P one buffs two of our considerable sources of DPS.  Like the t9 2P bonus I suspect it will put Judgements back at the top of your priority list.  The 2P one – well I’ve never had a set bonus quite like that.  I like it.

Whats that sounds?


Divine Sacrifice and Divine Guardian
Its the nerfbat.  Ouch.  And its hit … Divine Sacrifice.  Breathe a sigh of relief – its not going to hit your dps.  Just your utility.  Divine Sacrifice has been fixed/nerfed:

  • It is now only party wide (the biggest part of this nerf).
  • The damage has been limited to 40% of the paladins health multiplied by the number of party members (confusing, but ofc that will normally work out at 200%).
  • The damage is reduced by 50% before being transferred to the paladin (not a nerf).

Its a bug fix.  But the change to make it party wide?

Ah, but being an awesome retribution paladin you popped your shield before the bat hit right?  So being protected from the nerfbat you get this:

Divine Guardian no longer just improves Divine Sacrifice a little bit.  Instead it causes all raid and party members to take 10/20% reduced damage while Divine Sacrifice is active.

So heres what you do.  Take both talents.  Pop Divine Sacrifice for a group thats going to take minimal damage.  Provide massive damage reduction for the raid.

I think working out how to make it last long enough to be useful will be the biggest problem.  It will be interesting to see the mechanics of the Icecrown fights and how you might use this.


Just keep your head down and hope no one notices ret paladins haven’t been nerfed yet!


4 thoughts on “Paladin bubbles beat the nerfbat: 3.3 and retribution

Add yours

  1. I wonder how would it work if in a raid prot pala gets put alone in it’s own group. It would be awesome if it works out as an extra cooldown.

    1. In theory it could work as they’ve written it (a bubbled pala (of any spec) would take no damage and so never reach the 40% that would switch it off). So fully talented you could reduce all damage taken by the raid by 20% for 10s.

      If thats what they really want palas to do, they will leave it. To me, however, that seems to suggest palas, who are competitive in all 3 specs, would be stacked for DS cooldowns. I think, then, they would change it so that couldn’t happen.

      We’ll just have to watch and see how it tests.

      1. It specifically states that they fixed that part of it – the no damage cap because of Divine Shield – that’s the bug now. Combine this with a Hand of Sacrifice on your tank though – and you’ve got a 50% damage mitigation.

  2. Hi there Adgamorix.

    I know its fixing the bugs, which is great. I really want to see more bug fixing in this game (Snobolds waiting for you when you step back into Trial of the Grand Crusader after a wipe anyone?)

    I’m more concerned that, especially given your point about HoS, its a bit … overpowered. What I’m sure Blizzard won’t allow is an ability so strong it a) allows you to circumvent a boss mechanic (Holy Wrath’s diminishing returns for example) or b) means progress guilds stack paladins for it (bring the player not the class).

    Now check carefully around to make sure no one from Blizzard heard me say that. Maybe no one will notice. But I think they will. I would be very suprised to see this go forward in its current form. But sometimes we’ve got to get the good stuff right?

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