3.2.2 updates are live

I’ve done some updates 🙂

Retribution paladin guide posts The Retribution Builds to top the PvE meters post has been updated to include Seal of Command (or Seal of Cleave as its now been christened).  This is a dps increase over Seal of Righteousness where that was used before (i.e. trash mob groups).  Seal of Vengeance remains good where you would use that (i.e. mobs that live more than 12s and bosses).  I haven’t updated the gemming post as I’m going to include this in a new post on Retribution Paladin Enchants, Gems and Item Enhancements that I’ll publish shortly.

The Pre-Raid gear list has also been updated.

Retribution paladin gear list 3.2.2 ed.
This has been updated on the main list page.  I will no longer be updating the commentaries but I will post some new commentaries soon all in one post.  A full set of new posts and commentaries will be made for 3.3.

New stats
Redcape posted updated Gear Scores on EJ which I have now used to redo my gear spreadsheet. Scores are in the table below. I’m posting so you get some idea of what has changed and whats much the same. If you check out the thread you can also see SoComm scores. Please note I scale all the scores down (divide by 10) in order to make the numbers a little more reasonable. It doesn’t affect anything apart from the decimal place.

Strength 1.94 down from 1.97 (-0.03)
Hit 2.10 up from 1.85 (+0.25)
Expertise 1.23 up from 1.1 (+0.13)
Crit 1.06 up from 0.9 (+0.16)
Haste 0.83 up from 0.78 (+0.05)
Armor Pen. 0.75 downfrom 0.78 (-0.03)
Attack Power 0.76 downfrom 0.78 (-0.02)
Agility 1 up from 0.85 (+0.15)
Weapon DPS 5.68 down from 5.69 (-0.01)
Weapon speed 38.199 up from 36 (+2.199)

Remember the scores are all relative to each other and dependent on each other.  Hence a little change can produce a lot of big changes.  The change does not mean crit is now worth more, it means crit is now of greater value in comparison to other stats, according to the latest information.  Plus I think Redcape has run some new simulations.  Not to mention these are stats he posted for these purposes and the previous ones I hijacked illictly from the spreadsheet 😉

New items from Onyxia

2. Judgement Hood > Onyxia 25 > 604.5
5. Judgement Helm > Onyxia 10 > 551.98

10. Sparkling Onyxia Tooth Pendant > Onyxia Q reward > 204.08 (304.88)

6. Sharpened Obsidian Edged Blade > Sword > Onyxia 25 > 6717.09
12. Keen Obsidian Edged Blade > Sword > Onyxia 10 > 6111.14
14. Reinforced Shadowstrike > Polearm > Onyxia 25 > 5903.55
15. Reinforced Thunderstrike > Polearm > Onyxia 25 > 5893.12

And of note:
Reclaimed Thunderstrike/Shadowstrike > Polearm > Onyxia 10 > 5364.13/5267.64

Head = good.  So good, in fact, that this would be the tier item I drop.  I will be going for the 4 set bonus as using the tier items scores better overall, before you apply the set bonus (based on our some bosses in TotGC 10, none in ToTGC 25 yet progress).  Neck = bad.  I picked up Sharpened Obsidian Edged Blade today!

Effects of the new stats, items and ArP change

Redcape issued a whole new set of stats, so the value of ArP has not changed too much, but the value of other stats has gone up. Crit rose and since ArP tends to be paired with crit the status of ArP items has not been hurt too much.  Check out the lists as quite a few things have changed around.

Changes to the Trial of the Crusader Crib Sheet
Lord Jaraxxus has a new bullet point reminding mages to spellsteal Nether Power

When I update a post I always put a new date at the bottom.  Thats how you tell.


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