September in pictures

Just a few little pictures that show how much fun WoW can be … and how beautiful despite the stick it gets for the cartoony graphics.  September has been a busy month!

FH has made some nice progress in the last month.  After getting a largely new line up over the summer, its taken a little while to gel.  It started, for me, in 10 man Ulduar where I got Iron Council on hard mode to add to my Hodir and Thorim.  The guild has also done a lot of 10 man hard modes.  Freya is also down, and Trial of the Grand Crusader 10 is cleared up to Anub’arak by one group and Twin Valkyrs by the other.  Unfortunately all on nights I couldn’t attend due to pesky RL commitments!

I was, however, there for this one:
Morrighan Hodir Hard Mode 25

I was so very proud of this one.  Before the summer we took down XT-002 but its been a bit of a struggle since then with the changes in  the guild.  It seems we’ve not settled down.  Yes, I know we all have better gear now.  But whats best about this is we weren’t actually trying the hard mode.  It was an accident!  You’ll notice we got Cheese the Freeze too.  This is the key to Hodir hard mode just as no one going insane was the key to Yogg.  The key point of all Wrath raids – don’t die!  We’re now working on Iron Council and Thorim in 25 man and I expect those to follow fairly soon.

And then there was that new raid:

Morrighan Ony 10

This was my first try in there and we got these achievements by a mile!  She never even cast a deep breath!  But then Onyxia is a celebration rather than a progress raid.  And it is fun.

Pirate Day

Morrighan the Pirate flying 2

This is Morrighan flying against a clear blue sky (as a pirate)

Morrighan the Pirate

And standing in front of a brilliant sunset (as a pirate)

Dancing pirates

And dancing with my husband 🙂


Drunken Stupor

Unfortunately Brewfest achievements seem to result in a lot of screenshots rather like this.  Fun though.  It all ended up looking like this:

Morrighan Brewmaster in the bar

And just for fun…

Tindal takes a nap

Tindal, the fat-hungry-dwarf healer, looks like hes taking  a well deserved break 🙂


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