What 3.2.2 means for ret

  • You can finally use that 2 part tier 9 bonus you’ve been sitting on because of the Seal of Vengeance bug.  This 2 part bonus pushes Judgement to the top of your priority list.  Remember that to maximise your dps.
  • You might want to pick up Seal of Command again.  For trash.  If it dies fast.
  • Onyxia!!!
  • A million different heads, a couple of weapons and … not much else.
  • ArP has been nerfed.  Its a 12% nerf.

I’ll update the gear list with Onyxia loot shortly.  Right now I’m not convinced the lists are complete (that might be more hope than reason).  I’ll also do the ArP nerf then.  Its not a huge difference on the ret gear list and only items which are pretty much tied for postitions on the lists will really be affected by it.


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