WoW news roundup – 17 Sept 09

News roundup from the last week in Blue land.  Once again, in bold are the key points of the week (as far as I’m concerned).

I’m not going to update the gear list from the ArP change until after 3.2.2 hits.  Why?  I don’t trust it not to change at short notice.  A VERY rough calculation tells me that ArP valued at 0.78 might drop to 0.68 (125% to 110% simple scaling) which would mean a drop of 5 points from every 50 ArP rating on an item.  This means that the changes will be minor and you should only consider the gear list to be likely to change on items with high ArP that are very closely scored (say less then 10 points) in comparison to another non-ArP item.  Disclaimer: This is all just a guess based on information that is subject to change and might not have considered all the possibilities!

For 3.2.2 and beyond:

  • Ardent Defender will be nerfed.
  • Hammer of the Righteous was going to be turned into Physical damage …. and then back to Holy.
  • Race changes are still in the works.  Class changes will never happen – they are neither practical nor desirable.
  • Looks like the ArP nerf will take it from 125% down to 110%.
  • Seal of Vengeance will get fixed in 3.2.2.  Right now it works  with the smallest number of buffs on there from any paladin. *Rolls eyes*  After the patch it will work off of your stacks and no one elses.
  • Iron Dwarf, Medium Rare will need 25 kills, down from 50 on 25 man.
  • New scrolls added to Inscription to give raid wide Intellect or Fortitude buffs.
  • New Drums added to Leatherworking to give raid wide Kings or Gift of the Wild.
  • That stupid animation from the Black Heart proc is going, because of course the Black Heart of an evil villain would look like Hand of Protection *doh*.
  • The maximum number of BG queues will be reduced in 3.2.2 to try and ensure more full BGs.


  • WSG changed so that in the event of a tie the last flag capture defines the winner, not the first.
  • Icehowl is now tauntable.
  • Anub’arak’s frost patches last a little longer and aren’t going to vanish underneath you!
  • Holy Wrath got hotfixed so that it gives diminishing returns on stuns to stop Anub’arak Paladin zerging.
  • Gormok no longer gets parry haste (tanks doing heroic modes cheer).
  • Icehowl enters slower, has a slightly longer enrage timer and you have an extra 0.5 seconds to get out of his way (the first two of these are on heroic only, unsure about the third).
  • On the Lord Jaraxxus fight you get an extra infernal as soon as the Volcano erupts and Mistress of Pain slightly more often.

In other news:

  • Brewfest has been boosted to a Level 80 event.  Woohoo!  That means new level 80 items and the return of old quests.  You’re old items will not update.
  • Big hitting bosses are the result of the way avoidance has scaled in this expansion.  They have to hit hard to give a real risk of tank death and make the fights challenging.  The Blue poster notes ‘Bosses don’t scale with gear’.  Worth thinking about.

Yes this is late.  I actually wrote it Monday and, well, forgot to post it!


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