Retribution Paladin Librams – an Alternative

I just wanted to highlight this post over at The Suicidal Zebra: Want a DPS Relic? Don’t Have the Tokens to Spare? Use Honour!

Its a good article from a great blogger.  I’ve not included the pre-Triumph relics in the list because, in all honesty, they were mostly bad.  I’ve also not included any PvP items in the lists for two reasons.  1. I hate PvP.  2. For the most part, they aren’t very good for PvE.  This isn’t TBC and we don’t farm PvP gear for PvE any more.  However, the relic is the exception and this is a good idea and a good post.


4 thoughts on “Retribution Paladin Librams – an Alternative

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  1. Should be noted that you can get the honor to get this trinket in one day’s worth of the weekly WG quests, assuming your side wins and you have all the quests. I did WG twice and had over 30k honor..

  2. WG is an awesome method of getting honor. What is kind of a bummer is that the badge of triumph for a retired raider like myself aren’t acessible as easily :(. 25emblems of triumph are required to get the libram that means 13days daily heros to get it. Once you get to 26emblems you are tempted to wait 2 more heros and get the shoulders/gloves item level 232. There is two librams that caught my attention. One is the Honour libram + AP from Crusader strike, second if the Badge of Conquest libram that gives additional dmg to divine storm. Theorycrafting a little makes me believe the +AP is best because it not only buff one spell but all spells cast during its prot time. Which means that if you manage to cast judgement,Divine Storm during that prot both would do additional dmg. For all of us non-raiding paladins, I say we get the two set bonus tier 9, then we go for that libram.

    1. Its a tough decision. I think it depends what gear you have. If you’ve managed to pick up some good shoulders/gloves/legs then consider the Libram. If not then getting two parts of tier 9 may be better.

      All my info and lists should help you compare items but you still have to make all the hard decisions.

      For my druid tank alt, I decided to go straight for the Idol since I was still wandering around with a terrible green Idol that may have come from Outland. On the other hand I had Trial of the Champion shoulders and spent some gold on spare legs from my gbank.

      On the other hand for my priest I will go for tier pieces as I have a wand from Naxx.

  3. Yes you are right that some considerations should be accordingly on how your gear is set. With that said with the introduction of Emblem of Conquest and H ToC the availability of shoulders,pants, gloves of good quality are possible. ToC and H ToC can give you an entire set while not ideal because they tend to cary high amount of ArP and low amounts of hit, crit and expertise, they are still in matching quality with naxx10 and naxx25. What i found to be troubling for non-raiding Plate wearers is the lack of expertise in pre-raid gear. unless you gem and chant for it you can’t aspire to be expertise cap. There are two items that are purchasable/craftable one if the belt of titan and the emblem of valor bracers. the tier 9 leggings have expertise on them which is a big plus. The conquest leggings have haste and crit which is ok. The tier 8.5 chest piece has 70+ hit on it which is awesome. But like you said its very circumtancial on what is the best choice for your particular toon.

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