Retribution Gear List 3.2 ed. – Libram

Did you realise I had forgotten this one? Now for the shortest list ever.

1. Libram of Valiance – 25 Emblems of Triumph

As you level you should be able to grab Venture Co. Libram of Retribution (minimum level 74), for 30 Venture Coins. This is a silly currency used for some PvP objectives in Grizzly Hills which are always deserted on my server. You get them from doing a few quests.  Its very easy to get 30.  As soon as you ding 80 start pumping out the heroic dailies until you have 25 Emblems of Triumph and then buy the Libram of Valiance. You should easily get these before you have Emblems of Conquest you no longer need.  I know there are other items, but this libram is incredibly good and a vast improvement on the (terrible) Emblem of Heroism and the (average) Emblem of Valor/Conquest ones.


3 thoughts on “Retribution Gear List 3.2 ed. – Libram

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  1. Two things..

    Could you post the tooltips when you talk about items? Some of us are firewall impaired, so can’t look up items during the day. 🙂

    Also, your feed seems not to be working. But that may be the firewall, not sure.

    1. I wish I could 😦 WordPress doesn’t support the Wowhead mouseover tooltips.

      I’ll look into the feed. Its coming up through Google reader – what reader are you using?

  2. Are you looking at the pre-nerf version of the Venture Co. libram? It was generally considered to be better than the Libram of Furious Blows, but after the 3.1 nerf it’s practically useless:

    Libram of Furious Blows: +61 crit for 5 secs on Judgement
    Pre-nerf Venture Co. libram: +73 crit for 8 seconds on DS
    Post-nerf Venture Co. libram: +81 DS damage

    I’m glad I kept the green relic, but it’s a little embarrassing to be running Heroics with it.

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