Retribution Gear List 3.2 ed. – Trinkets

I’m going to explain my scoring system for. Any straight stats are given the value they would get from scoring. I am assuming all items have a chance of 1 (i.e. you can keep them up all the time), with an internal cooldown of 45 seconds unless they are on crit, which have a chance of 0.33. On use items have a cooldown of 120 seconds. So the value of the the stat they give is multiplied by 1 (up time) and then duration (which is the internal cooldown divided by the time for which the stat is active. So for Darkmoon Card Greatness there is a flat stat value of 90 strength. There is also a chance on hit for 300 strength for 15 seconds. So the value of the card is 90*1.97 + (300*1.97)*1*(45/15). The chance to proc of 1 is an over simplifcation, but in reality you rarely wait long for an item to proc. Also since the same simplification has been made for every item you can at least compare them. Items that have a stacking bonus like Fury of the Five Flights have been calculated as a passive buff that is up all of the time.

Pinch of salt applied, heres the stats:

1. Death’s Verdict (Heroic) > Twin Valkyr’s 25 (Heroic) > 559.54 Best in slot
2. Death’s Verdict > Twin Valkyr’s 25 > 495.18
3. Darkmoon Card: Greatness > Darkmoon Card Deck > 374.3 2nd best in slot/Best in slot 10 man only/Best pre-raid
4. Dark Matter > Algalon 10 > 295.56 2nd best in slot 10 man only
5. Victor’s Call (Heroic) > Faction Champion’s 10 (Heroic) > 253.8
5. Fury of the Five Flights > Sartharion 25 > 249.6
6. Banner of Victory > Trial of the Champion > 240.24 2nd best pre-raid
7. Victor’s Call > Faction Champions 10 > 234.35
8. Mjolnir’s Runestone > Thorim 10 (Hard) > 207.07
9. Wrathstone > Kologorn 25 > 163.97 Best with on use instant proc
9. Loatheb’s Shadow > Loatheb 10 > 162.7 2nd best with on use instant proc
10. Incisor Fragment > Drak’tharon Keep (Heroic) > 153.27

If you choose to go for hit on trinkets (which I don’t feel is needed for palas):
Mark of Supremacy > 35 Emblems of Triumph > 133.12 (369.92)
Grim Toll > Maexxna 25 > 106.08 (259.63)
Sphere of Red Dragon’s Blood > The Nexus (Heroic) > 87.1 (188.85)
Blood of the Old God > Yogg-Saron 15 > 66.77 (266.57)

Pre-raid you can look at getting the cards if you have money/farmed materials. You need an Inscriptor to make them and what card they get is random, but you can sell the others for reasonable cash. If you are a Herbalist with access to a friendly Inscriptor, then this is an option. Otherwise go for the far cheaper Banner of Victory and Incisor Fragment.

I raid with Darkmoon Card: Greatness and Fury of the Five Flights. The Death’s Verdict is obviously high on my target list. I also recommend going to some effort to pick up on use trinkets for hard modes such as XT-002. If you don’t do hard modes, its probably not so much of a bother.


2 thoughts on “Retribution Gear List 3.2 ed. – Trinkets

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  1. Better than Incisor Fragment and/or Meteorite Whetstone IMO:

    Mirror of Truth > Heroism Badges > 231.6

    static (crit): 84 * 0.9 = 75.6
    proc (attack power): 1000 * 0.78 * (10 secs/ 50 secs) = 156

    Darkmoon Card: Death > Inscription/Auction House > ?

    static (crit): 85 * 0.9 = 76.5
    proc (Shadow damage): 2000 damage * ? (45-sec internal CD) = ?

    I don’t know how you’d score this trinket, exactly, but it’s another fairly good pre-raid (or even pre-heroic, pre-ToC) choice, and usually found quite cheaply on the AH. Note that “damage dealt” is superior to “melee hit” or even just “hit”, since it can proc from reactive damage, DoTs, etc. The proc damage isn’t very scalable, of course, so this trinket should quickly get replaced once raiding.

  2. Mirror of Truth is (84 crit * 1.06) + (1000 AP *0.76)*(10/45)*0.3 crit chance (assuming a 30% crit chance), since its an on crit proc = 114.51 Hence its worse than both the other trinkets. I’m not 100% certain my methodology is right there and I expect results from actual parses might say differently. On the other hand I tend to find that other gear scoring lists are agreeing with me regarding this being worse than the Incisor Fragment/Meteorite Whetstone. Don’t get blinded by the purple!

    Darkmoon Card: Death is more difficult. On my server its still quite expensive – certainly its expensive compared to the other items I’ve listed. Whilst Darkmoon Card: Greatness is more expensive, it will see you through a lot of raid content. Right now unless you can get to Twins on Trial of the *Grand* Crusader, you can’t replace it. Hence its money well spent. The shadow damage is very little and very hard to model. I would guess that its around 120 or so (give or take). When I input the stats into gear listing websites Darkmoon Card: Death comes out slightly higher than Mirror of Truth.

    You did manage to point out that I hadn’t updated the stats on the Ret gear list (I did list them on the update post, but forgot to move that across). Now done.

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