Meta Gems for Ret Palas, A True Story

So the other night we had an application from a ret pala. His gear was ok, spec was fine. But then I notice his gems. He has the Agility meta, one +10 stats gem and 3 strength and crit gems. I talk to him, and its clear he just doesn’t get it. He took the Agility meta because blue gems were ‘uesless’ and then didn’t gem for max strength.

So heres the real scores for the metas as of 3.2. With the JC prismatics gone, this is how it stacks up.

  • Chaotic Skyflare Diamond +21 crit and 3% increased critical damage Requires 2 blue gems
  • Relentless Earthsiege Diamond +21 Agility and 3% Increased Critical Damage Requires 1 gem of each colour

As you can see the 3% crit is the same for both and this is what you want.

Now for the math part, concentrate
If you go for Chaotic Skyflare: You put in 2 strength and stamina gems leaving you with -20 strength (39.4). You can use one +10 stats gem. You gain 21 crit and 10 agility (27.4) from the prismatic leaving you with a total of -12.

If you go for Relentless Earthseige: You put in one +10 stats gem leaving you with -10 strength (19.7). You gain 10 agility from the +10 stats and 21 agility from the meta (totalling 26.35) leaving you with a total of +6.65.

Hence, Relentless is better at this time.

Gemming rules in summary

  • Use Relenteless Earthseige Diamond and one +10 all stats gem to activate it
  • Gem +10 strength and crit in a yellow socket only if it will give you a socket bonus of +6 strength or above
  • Gem +10 strength and stamina in a blue socket if it will give you a socket bonus of +10 strength or above
  • If you happen to have a +10 strength blue socket bonus plus a prismatic gem, then you can change your meta. This is the only circumstance under which you score better.

Having hidden behind the slackyness of JC prismatic gems for some time, I’m now off to change my gems!


5 thoughts on “Meta Gems for Ret Palas, A True Story

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  1. You didn’t take into account the 21crit vs the 21agility. Try adding that part into your calculations and see what you end up with. both meta’s required you to use two non red gems what you end up with is blue vs yellow. yellow allows you to use the strength/crit gem while blue is the strength/stamina gem. 21 crit for plate is > than 21 agi. but with the additional crit you would get from the orange gem make up the difference? I haven’t calculated it as of yet but i believe that the relentless may edge out the other but the difference would be so slight that your dps output won’t increase sufficiently enough to regem your entire gear. I say once you get a new helm gem it agi then and save yourself the 50g :D.

    1. DK – I have taken into account the 21 crist vs 21 agility. Thats the point of the post. Relentless is definitely better because you only need the +10 stats gem to activate it. There is no need to sacrifice any strength gems unless the socket bonus is that good.

  2. Make a post about leather/mail items seems that too many paladins are scare to use them! Strength>crit and Strength > attack power. While plate gear is more designed for Paladin and leather/mail for those classes that their armor proficiency matches that doesn’t mean that there aren’t leather items that aren’t > than plate items. Druid find themselves using cloth because there are some cloth items that are > than leather items. While I am not suggesting us paladins should run around in all leather, what i am saying is that an item here and there can actually up your dps than wearing an inferior plate item just because its plate. Strength is extremely important and a good started helm is the titanspike helm that gives not only strength but also crit and hit but I am goign to have to go out on a limp here and say that the leather helm that drops in H ToC is better than that helm.

    1. Personally I’m not a fan of taking leather/mail items because there are other raiders that need them in my guild. We don’t allow plate wearers to take leather and mail unless no one else needs them, and with a strong compliment of rogues, druids, hunters and enhancement shamans, as well as some other druids and shamans with offspecs we use to raid, it rarely comes to this.

      The Spiked Titansteel Helm is good, but I didn’t go that far down on the scores. Both the Mask of the Violent Fray and the Conquerers Aegis Helm are far better and easily available these days, so I would suggest saving your Titansteel to get a crafted item instead.

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