Caer Morrighan Updates and Upcoming in August

Hi to all the people now reading this site.  A kindly link from Antherwina’s Corner seems to have brought you to the Pre-Raid Retribution Paladin gear list.  I’ve updated it and linked it from the front page.

The Retribution Paladin Gear List is being updated fast.  Unlike last time I’ve dispensed with links and stats to get information up fast.  As soon as Trial of the Crusader is fully open I will update the lists with what I hope will be a more complete gear list.   Check out the original posts for commentary about choices.

I’ve added a couple more links.  The WoW Gem Finder is a great website – the simplest way by far to find gems you need.  And I didn’t realise that I hadn’t got Big Bear Butt on my Blogroll despite the fact that I regularly read his awesome blog.

I’ve got a few posts in the works once the full list is up – one about retribution gems, another about learning to be an expert in your class.   I’m also thinking about some druid posts, perhaps drawing together the wealth of excellent info I have found.

In the mean time, Forgotten Heroes has managed to raid all summer despite the lull andI have both Onyxia and Blizzcon to look forward to.  I got both Thorim and Hodir hard modes in 10 man.  Plus I’m gearing up my druid pre-raid.  I actually love doing this!  All in all the game feels good right now.


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