Retribution Gear List 3.2 ed. – Shoulders

1. Turalyon’s Shoulderplates of Triumph (Heroic) > Tier 9.3 token > 348.14 (473.94) Best in slot/Best with hit
2. Turalyon’s Shoulderplates of Triumph > Tier 9.2 token + 45 Emblems of Triumph > 310.49 (419.64)
2. Pauldrons of Trembling Rage > 45 Emblems of Triumph > 310.49 (419.64) Best in slot 10 man only
3. Conqueror’s Aegis Shoulderplates > Yogg-Saron 25 > 302.2
4. Valorous Aegis Shoulderplates > Thorim 10 > 281.69
4. Turalyon’s Shoulderplates of Conquest > 50 Emblems of Triumph > 278.58 (374.78)
5. Shoulderplates of the Eternal > Auriaya 25 > 270.7 (346.55)
5. Shoulderplates of Opportunity > Noth the Plaguebringer 25 > 267.37
6. Majestic Silversmith Shoulderplates > Trial of the Champion (Heroic) > 244.34 Best pre-raid
6. Valorous Redemption Shoulderplates > Naxxramas 25/60 Emblems of Valor > 240.25 (319.8)

Blizzard likes to put hit on your shoulders so embrace this fully and pick one of those items. Its useful to have slots where all your upgrades will have hit too. Pre-raid I would buy the Valorous token for the hit and the set bonus (with legs which you can also buy) rather than use Majestic Silversmith Shoulderplates. But those are also good and if they drop you should pick them up if you don’t have the Valorous ones or if you are way over your hit cap.

I’m still raiding with the Valorous Shoulders at the moment! I use them for hit (Making the Majestic Silversmith Shoulderplates or the Shoulderplates of Opportunity bad choices) and I was also using the set bonus until very recently. Having recently acquired a Tier 9.2 token I will be upgrading to Turalyon’s Shoulderplates of Triumph shortly. When the best in slot is also the best with hit you should always go for that item.

Updated 9 September 2009.


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