Patch 3.2 – how it all worked out

What I like:

  • Releasing one boss a week on Trial of the Crusader – gives you time to savour those victories. They’ve been pretty easy so far for my guild, averaging about 3 tries to down a new boss. It also means that by the time heroic arrives we’ll be practiced on the kills and that will help a lot. I prepare the tactics each week so I’m going to write some up here.
  • Trial of the Champion, or as I call it, alt-loot-heaven. Saturday night a group of us decided to farm it on normal for trinkets. I took my little druid Enalla who is now 80 and got some very nice loot. Still missing the Armor Pen trinket from normal and all the pretties that heroic holds for my new feral druid.
  • The badge changes. I don’t care if it means everyone has my head. You know what? Good for them. Its a great change for new players and a great change for alts. As someone who came to serious raiding late in TBC the Sunwell patch was the only reason my guild managed to get into BT and MH when it did. We could never have made all that gear up in tier 5 raids in time. These patches aren’t an evil plot to persecute those with shiney loot. They’re designed to keep the pool of players who can support middle to high end raiding large enough to be viable.
  • Druids. As I said, Enalla is 80. It makes me appreciate the faceroller comments about paladins a little more when I play her. You have to be properly behind mobs, not just in the general vicinity. Easy on a boss, harder on large groups of mobs whent he tank is running around. I get the feeling this will make me a better paladin. I can also appreciate the difficulty in getting and keeping things running, which is not easy on a druid.
  • I got my first piece of gear from Trial of the Crusader – Armguards of the Nether Lord. A big upgrade from Bracers of Unrelenting Attack although I currently need a hit gem to be capped.

What I don’t like:

  • I’m a little disappointed that Trial of the Champion is as easy as it is. I, like many others, was hoping for another Magister’s Terrace. For those who didn’t play in TBC, Magister’s Terrace on heroic was hard. Even for those in full Kara gear. I can remember failing to kill Priestess Delrissa and her band of evil buddies on multiple occassions. That being said, I am aware that I find Trial of the Champion easy because I’m overgeared for it. I was reading Big Bear Butt’s blog this morning on the train and hes clearly had a much harder time of it. However, with the new badge changes that won’t be an issue for long.
  • Its taking me some time to get used to the paladin changes. I’m still not remembering to change my Seal as often as I should and I find the need to get and keep up stacks is meaning I’m losing some of my utility. The rotation is more comfortable after a week or so of raiding than it was, but I’m still finding I have big gaps with nothing to use.
  • New General Vezax. It took us several wipes last night before I remember reading about a change to him – he casts Searing Flames more often. We rejigged our interrupts for a kill, but it was pretty irritating at the time. He now casts searing flames more often and our old method – two alternating interrupters of any class that can interrupt – failed. Instead we went with a rotation of three. However, my rogue and enhancement shammy tell me they could probably do it alone as their spells lock out the fire school for longer. I suspect this might also mean you need two interrupts on 10 man, which we never needed before. Also, with our DK tank being nerfed, we needed to use some other saves for Surge of Darkness. DK > Pain Suppression > DK > Blessing of Sacrifce > DK > Pain Suppression > etc. got us through with ease. It just needs to be a save that reduces damage rather than saves from death (i.e. not priest wings).

What I’m looking forward to:

  • I have a tier 9 token. We have a new dkp system for Trial of the Crusader. All existing members got a small amount of started DKP based on their attendance and DKP earned over the last 60 days. I took a gamble and spent some of mine on this now, thinking it will cost more later. I spent 10 of my 15 DKP. I’ll let you know how that works out. Now all I need are the Emblems of Triumph to buy it. I currently have three pieces of tier 9 (I’m using the Steelbreaker’s chest for my expertise cap) in Head, Legs and Hands. Hands have expertise and Legs have hit so I think I will buy the shoulders. The Paladin shoulder token from Yogg rarely drops and is going to cost more DKP than I have on the Ulduar system, so I intend to buy that. That means I need 45 Emblems of Triumph.
  • Should I buy the tier 8.5 chest for the set bonus? Not yet sure. Expertise has taken a nerf but the cap is still a good thing.
  • Getting the new gear lists up so I (and you) know what to go for.
  • Respeccing my druid with two specs – bear and cat.
  • The promise of a new Onyxia. Can’t wait. Must go kill her and get the achievement on my paladin before they remove the old her.

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