Retribution Gear List scores – 3.2 edition

This has changed with 3.2.  The scores I am currently using are as follows.  Again these are drawn from Redcape’s  spreadsheet and are designed to be used on an all other things being equal basis. These scores assume you are using Seal of Vengeance, which is the Seal you should gear for as a raider in the first instance even if you find yourself using others at times.

Hit 1.85 until capped (hence items have 2 values if they have hit)
Stength 1.97
Expertise 1.1
Crit 0.9
Agility 0.85
Haste 0.78
Armor pen 0.78
Attack power 0.78
Weapon dps 5.69
Weapon speed 36

As you can see there has been a small drop in the value of Hit and Weapon DPS and a large drop in the value of expertise.  I would say that chasing the expertise cap at low gear levels is definitely not worth it now.  On the other hand, crit, haste, armor penetration, agility and attack power all recieved a small boost and strength recieved a large boost.

My initial impressions from these calculations suggest that once again the agility based cloaks, necks, etc. are coming out quite high on the loot tables from the new raid.  That might be because they seem to have put a lot of hit on the corresponding strength based items.  Some items have defintely changed around in the tables and I’ll start putting up the new tables ASAP.


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