Drood Alert and Gear List Update

One of the things I’ve been doing over the last week or so (I had a weeks holiday) is levelling my drood. Her name is Enalla and you can find her on my avatar pages. As you can see, she is level 78. She is a Herbalist/Alchemist. She began life as a Skinner/Leatherworker, but my husbands druid picked those professions and levelled faster in TBC, so I went for something else. This turns out well because now we are levelling from 70-80 together. Shes cat feral specced, though I will probably change that to bear at 80. Shes overpowered and great deal of fun to play right now. I didn’t expect to enjoy bear tanking, but actually it was more fun than paladin tanking is in Wrath (I liked paladin tanking in TBC better, but then I’m a little strange sometimes).

Heres some useful reference links:
1. Druid Elitist Jerks forum
2. Cat druid guide from MMO-Champion forums
3. Bear druid guide from MMO-Champion forums
4. Amusing boomkin video

Gear List
This is taking way too long to get up for my liking so I am going to make the posts without links.  I will then add the links later.  I’ll add 3.2 gear as soon as the patch hits – I don’t want to add unconfirmed items.   I also want to go back and add ilevel to all the items.


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