Flame Warden Morrighan, slayer of Yogg-Saron

The Flame Warden
I spent last weekend doing the Midsummer Achievements. I have to say I liked this set. They were time consuming, but none of them are luck based so all it took was some dedication. And as a nice reward for your hours of running and flying, you get around 600 gold for the fire quests at level 80.

The most challenging achievement is definitely stealing the flames from the opposite faction’s cities. I suggest picking a quiet time on your server to do this. Undercity’s flame is in the courtyard, so this was quite easy. I then ran on up to Silvermoon City and since it was quiet just ran up through the city quite easily. Basically run in the main entrance, turn right and follow the sections upwards until you find the flame. Orgrimmar was the only place I died. I ran in the side entrance and follow the road heading north where you can to find the flame in the Valley of Wisdom. Between some guards and some Horde, I stood no chance there. Thunder Bluff is great as a paladin as you have a built in escape hatch. The flame is on Spirit Rise. Take the lift up (follow the path up from the Tauren starter town and take that one), run on over and grab the flame. Then, having been spotted by Horde, you can make good your escape. Leap off that cliff! Bubble, land, hearthstone.

But this is the highlight of my week. My guild hadn’t killed Yoggy on 10 or 25 man thus far. We’re a 25 man guild, so we haven’t had extensive tries on him in 10 man. But our 25 man tries were starting to come together and this definitely made 10 man easy. I wasn’t in the group at first. I’d been there for General and then had to go and nip out to buy some tickets for a music festival this weekend. But our GM got called away … to rescue his brother’s stranded boat! I kid you not! So the raid leader (that being my lovely husband) called me back in. And we one-shotted him.

It was a clean kill. No deaths, no insanity. It wasn’t a tidy kill. The first phase was a mess and we ended up killing the first three adds before they reached Sara – so much so that I stopped DPS for a while because it was safer! Someone then hit a cloud and a few more spawned. I think that kinda balanced it out in the end. This being 10 man, the tank just stood in the middle. I ran in and dropped Consecrations and hit Divine Storm before hightailing it out to safety. The ranged kept up the DPS and all those extras blew up right in Sara’s face.

Phase 2 arrived and we had one add left up. We grouped up. Melee killed some small tentacles. Ranged focused on the big one, with one tank running in and out, hitting them to interrupt the reduced damage buff. Portals came up and down we went. It was the three groups of tentacles room – my personal favourite as a paladin. Second time down we had the guards standing around the edge. The brain room was opened fast and all of a sudden we realised we were gonna hit phase 3. The tank down with up ran back up and as soon as phase 3 hit we lept on out.

This is as far as our 25 man group had gotten. We could get to phase 3 on 3 portals, but tended to fail on the transition, which I know is tricky on 25 man because those adds hit like trucks! But on 10 man it went smoothly and we found a spot and took him down. Once you get past the transition, the phase is easy. We tanked the adds close to Yogg so that the melee AoE hit him too. You can Judge Yogg without facing him, so if there was no add I did that. Once he was below 20% I even turned round for a few Hammer of the Righteous throws and I kept up Consecration and hit Divine Storm as much as possible. Phase 3 is a long, slow phase. We kept calling for Sanity checks and reminding people just to take it easy and not take any risks. And he was down.

So gratz to all who were there and gratz to Forgotten Heroes (Ethanuel, Drasinia, Noela, Phaese, Alaka, Nightlynx, Nosuf, Melanai and Zilina). 25 man Yogg is looking imminent now.

Shameless Plug
Forgotten Heroes is recruiting at the moment. We intend to keep raiding over the summer, but with holidays that can be hard so we’re expanding our raid roster a little and looking for skilled dps and healers from all classes. We’re based on Darksorrow-EU which is a PvP server with a good progress record. Its active in PvP and PvE.

We’re focused on 25 man end game raiding, including hard modes, and we raid Wed, Thur, Sun, Tue from 1845-2300 and you need to be able to make 3/4 of those. You need to be geared for Ulduar, preferably with some Ulduar experience and have a good understanding of your class. We expect raiders to be prepared with tactics and consumables and to be able to learn from mistakes and wipe constructively where required.


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