Patch 3.2.2 non-raid retribution gear list (updated)

When I posted this originally I didn’t have all the loot available.  Updated as of 21 August it now includes all the Trial of the Champion loots.  The items here are not always the very best in slot, but they are easy to get and the set would see you into raiding all content with reasonable dps.

The List

Conqueror’s Aegis Helm (t8.5) – 58 Emblems of Conquest

Spiked Battleguard Choker – 19 Emblems of Conquest (45 hit)

Majestic Silversmith Shoulderpads – Heroic Trial of the Champion

Hammerhead Sharkskin Cloak – 25 Emblems of Valor

Conqueror’s Aegis Chestplate (t8.5) – 58 Emblems of Conquest (79 hit)

Wristbands of the Sentinel Huntress – 60 Emblems of Valor

Bladebreaker’s Gauntlets – 28 Emblems of Conquest

Belt of the Singing Blade – 28 Emblems of Conquest

Legplates of the Violet Champion – 39 Emblems of Conquest

Plated Greaves of Providence – Heroic Trial of the Champion

Or if you have the cash to farm the mats these are a little bit better:
Battlelord’s Plate Boots – Blacksmithing

Ring of Invincibility – 25 Emblems of Valor
Uruka’s Band of Zeal – Trial of the Champion

Trinkets (2 from these in order of preference)
Darkmoon Card: Greatness – you need an (expensive) deck of Noble cards for this, but its still the third best trinket in game behind the two versions of Death’s Verdict
Banner of Victory – Trial of the Champion
Meteorite Wheststone – Heroic Utgarde Pinnacle

Marrowstrike – Heroic Trial of the Champion

Libram of Valiance – 25 Emblems of Triumph

This set will give you the tier 8.5 two piece set bonuses, which is good.  You won’t be hit capped and will have to gem/enchant for that.  I have recommended taking some new items in this version so that you fill the Shoulder and Hand slot. I would then recommend that you pick up the Tier 9 tokens in those slots, costing 30 Emblems of Triumph each.  Do the Heroic Daily every day and these eventually become easy to get.  If you genuinely don’t intend to raid this is the best optimisation of your gear.  If you are gearing up to raid then these will look good when someone is assessing your gear.

The Libram is awesome and really worth spending you first Emblems of Triumph on.

Emblems of Valor needed: 60 + 25 + 25 = 110
Emblems of Conquest needed: 58 + 19 + 58 + 28 + 28 + 39 = 230
Emblems of Triumph needed:  25 (+ 60 later = 85)
Heroic Trial of the Crusader drops: 3
Normal Trial of the Crusader drops: 2
Heroic Utgarde Pinnacle drops: 1 (or a lot of cash)

Availability of Emblems:
So you need 340 Emblems of Conquest, some of which you will change down for Emblems of Valor.

If you don’t raid (and thats who this list is really aimed at) then heroics drop 36 badges. You can do these every day so thats 252 badges a week. If you have the time you can do this in 11 days without setting foot in a raid. Realistically its going to take longer than that of course, and you will definitely be better off if you pug at least some raids (even if all you get is throwaways and badges). Emblems of Triumph can be obtained at the rate of 14 per week.  So thats just over 2 weeks for the Libram and nearly 3 weeks per tier token for the Shoulders and Gloves.  But for those who don’t raid and for those little ret pala alts you’re all levelling then this is for you.

Updated 4 October 2009


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  1. Right now it scores more using the scores on the Retribution Gear List page. But the difference is so small I would just take whichever one drops. And it relies on you putting an epic gem in Marrowstrike.

  2. Some leather/mail alternatives:

    — Armbands of the Wary Lookout (leather) (H.ToC) . If one wants to be raid-hitcapped (e.g. in order to PuG a raid here or there) before getting one or both T9 pieces, the +hit on these bracers might be just the ticket. The wrist slot is probably the last that one would want to upgrade with conquest-badge gear, anyway, since those bracers cost a whopping 60 badges and are only just barely better than Vambraces of Unholy Command. Not much of a return on one’s badge investment, in my opinion.

    — Mask of Distant Memory (leather)(H.ToC). A decent DPS upgrade from Spiked Titansteel Helm, if one wants/needs to preserve a decent +hit rating. (Hide Helm FTW).

    — Gloves of the Dark Exile (mail) (H.ToC). With a +20 Str gem in its gem slot, it comes out ahead of the conquest-badge gloves, on your scoring system. (That slot could be used for a +hit gem, if desired). Will be replaced with T9 of course, so might not be worth the effort/gold to acquire/enchant/gem.

    — Treads of Dismal Fortune (leather)(H.ToC). With the red-gem socket bonus figured in, the leather ones from H.ToC score higher than the plate ones on your list.

    — Leggings of the Tireless Sentry (mail)(conquest badges). Although it’s a little wasteful to spend 39 badges on a “throwaway” piece, not to mention the cost of an Icescale, this would allow one to maintain one’s hitcap for raiding, without sacrificing too much in other stats. Something to consider if one has extra conquest badges piling up while trying to acquire the T9 pieces for their +hit, especially if still wearing something like Staggering Legplates from H.UK.

    Speaking of mail armor, you don’t appear to score anything for Intellect in your system. Yet, Intellect increases chance for spell crit (right?), which I presume also applies to Judgement and Exorcism, so Int should probably have a _small_ contribution to the scoring of a particular piece of gear, even when viewed purely from a DPS perspective. The larger mana pool is then just a “free” bonus. Personally, even with some Int on my current gear (from the Dark Exile gloves), I’ve run OOM a few times in very fast-paced heroics, and had to switch to Seal of Wisdom (grrr) temporarily.

    Since you’ve included the very-expensive Nobles deck in your list, why not also include the high-end crafted pieces for wrist, waist, feet etc.? Some of the more expensive mats, after all, can be purchased with badges (and you’re already assuming bushel-loads of those), which should reduce the mats cost significantly.

  3. The scores for the listed items:
    Armbands of the Wary Lookout 156.65 (240.65)
    Mask of Distant Memory 459.64 (594.04)
    Gloves of the Dark Exile 279.52
    Treads of Dismal Fortune 311.88
    Leggings of the Timeless Sentry 366.06 (489.96)

    All of the hit pieces score lower than the non-hit ones I have listed until you include the hit. Yes this would be a good way of getting the hit. I’d be just as inclined to go for a hit trinket, however, like the Sphere of Red Dragon’s Blood from The Nexus or some gems to get there. It doesn’t matter because you will end up spending your item budget one way or another. If you go for the plate you will be able to juggle it better into your raiding gear.

    I don’t score anything for intellect because intellect isn’t worth anything. I raid everything from 10 man normal to 35 man hard mode and I never run out of mana. If you are really struggling then you should judge Wisdom instead of Light. Wisdom gives the same dps and in a heroic you really shouldn’t need the extra healing from Light. if you can’t maintain your mana judging Wisdom and using Divine Plea, you’re doing it wrong and you need to look at your rotation.

    Spell crit from Intellect would not increase your dps. Consecration can’t crit.

    Finally, the crafted items. The Belt of the Titans is very good, but the Belt of the Singing Blade gives you hit, so I would go with that. The Battlelord’s Plate Boots are a little better than the drop boots (only a little) and I will list them. I haven’t included the Trial of the Crusader crafts because realistically if you can grind the cash for those you’d be better off spending the time pugging raids and not using this list at all!

  4. Hmmm… The hands and feet appear to rank higher, even *without* any +hit, if we’re comparing the same things:

    Gloves of the Dark Exile (279.52) > Bladebreaker Gauntlets (269.13 )
    Treads of Dismal Fortune (311.88) > Plated Greaves of Providence (290.17)

    I’m not sure I understand your comments about not using leather/mail items to get to the hitcap, your reasoning being that one could use gems and/or a +hit trinket to get there instead.

    Doesn’t this apply equally to plate items too?

    Why then even have a scoring value for +hit, if the blanket recommendation is to just make up +hit with gems and a trnket? Seems like that would apply equally, whether one is assessing plate, or sub-plate options.

    I can understand why many well-progressed Paladins look down on leather and mail items — because, personally, they’re well over the hitcap and don’t need them. The raid-level gear is better itemized by armor class.

    But this list is oriented towards pre-raiding Paladins, so I think a little more armor-class flexibility might be called for. After all, it’s not like a Retadin is a tank — one doesn’t really *need* plate armor, for the mitigation. It’s just “nice to have” and “more Paladin-like”.

    Gemming for +hit is pretty much always a losing proposition anyway. Take, for example, the leather headpiece I listed. It has +64 hit. Sure, you could switch 3 of your +20 Strength gems to get almost as much +hit (hopefully you didn’t lose any socket bonuses in the process). But you’ve lost well over 60 Strength (assuming Divine Strength, maybe a Blessing of Kings buff from another Paladin) by doing that. Disregarding the +hit, the leather headpiece comes in at about 52 points less than the recommended Conqueror’s Aegis Helm on your list, using your scoring system. But each point of Strength on that scoring system counts for 1.94, so on that basis you’d lose at least 116.4 from your overall score, because you changed your gems to help get to the hitcap. You’re losing more than twice as much score from changing your gems, than you’d lose by choosing the leather helm — which has the +hit built-in — over the badge helm. See my point? It’s self-defeating.

    I intend to respond separately on the trinkets issue. Thanks for the correction of my calculations with respect to Mirror of Truth, but I still think it’s a good pre-raid trinket and I intend to prove it mathematically (and conversely, that Sphere of Red Dragon’s Blood is pretty bad). And no, I’m not “blinded by the purple” of Mirror of Truth. I use Rawr and other such multi-variate tools for my gearing choices, and Mirror of Truth consistently rates higher than the other trinkets that have been under discussion.

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