Morrighan’s Weekend – Hard Modes and Butter Knives

Had a great weekend in the WoW Universe.

Hard Modes
Firstly our 10 man group did two new hard modes (new to me, but not the guild). We got Orbital Devestation for Flame Leviathan with 2 towers up on Friday.  We left the last two towers up (Tower of Storms and Tower of Frost).  This means you get two types of blue columns to avoid.  The first type are stationary (Thorim’s Hammer) and do damage to you if you hit them or get near them so stay away.  The second type (Hodir’s Fury) chase you around!  These do no damage in and of themselves, but a ball of light falls down them and you don’t want to get hit by that (our second wipe) as it turns you into an Ice Block and boom – dead vehicle.

It took us four attempts to do this, the first of which was 3%.  We had a mage go up every time he could to stun Flame Leviathan.  In the second Demolisher we had me because I could dps or heal.  On our kill we nearly lost the mage after he took some damage so I launched up to heal him.  An important note is that the stunning dps should not go up until after a target change, so he can speed boost his Demolisher if needed.  Anyways, four attempts later and we had this one down.

The next day (after being beaten on Friday by the worst boss of all – the login screen) we took out XT002 Deconstructor and got Heartbreaker for severing his heart.  Like I had said when we tried him on 25 man – if you have the dps to get down the heart, you have the dps to kill him on Hard Mode.  Down the heart on the first drop and XT heals back to full.  He also stops spawning adds!  Instead you have increased damage overall (so healers need to be on the ball) and two new features.  The gravity bombs now drop void holes.  These do vanish after a bit, but we kept them huddled so no one ran across them by accident.  This was not a problem really.  The light bombs also produce Life Sparks which the ranged dps need to take out ASAP.  Apart from that just pump out the dps and down he goes.

Thanks to Phaese, Sheeba, Noela, Alaka, Coruna, Zilina, Aura, Yellowbeard, Shomile, Psylence, Dion and Zvento all of whom contributed to one or the other of these kills.

Butter Knives?
Finally on Sunday on our 25 man run I got Lotrafen, Spear of the Damned.  Its not my ideal paladin weapon (especially with a Polearms skill of 0!) but the numbers on it are good.  It was nearly 200 points higher (1873.57) on my scoring system than Armageddon (1657.64) and for a relatively small amount of DKP.  I warned everyone I still wanted the Worldcarver before I took it!  385 skill points later I have the painful job of finishing off levelling the skill up.  I did the first 360 points on one mob – a Grove Keeper below Dalaran.  Keep up Sacred Shield and hit away – the mob heals itself.  Once I killed it I went off to the far end of Storm Peaks to farm Crystalized Fire to make more Titansteel.  I gave my first 10 bars to my beloved DK husband to make his tanking boots so I need some more for my belt.

Just wanted to say about Lotrafen – its ugly!  I look ridiculous with it.  Armageddon was cool because it was actually bigger than my avatar.  Lotrafen looks like a butter knife on a  pole.  I threatened to remove body parts of anyone who broke my Repentance with a butter knife last night on the trash in front of General Vezax.  And lo and behold – he dropped one for me to use.


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