Retribution Paladin Blogs

With Eye for and Eye retired and Paladin Schmaladin withdrawn, I went looking for new Retribution Paladin Blogs.  I’d like to recommend two that I find especially good.

This is written by Alex – aka Firelight.  His tag line is ‘one mans quest to bring retribution DPS to raids’ which neatly describes his niche and his posts recently have been tracking his progress through Ulduar.  I particularly liked Thorim Has Rage on Farm.

The Suicidal Zebra
This guy has been around for a while and he writes informatively about Retribution, keeping you up to date with the latest changes.  Theres a preference for PvP here.

I’d like to find more blogs about Retribution palas so please let me know if you have any to recommend.


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  1. Thanks I’ll check them out. I play a Ret Pally too and just started a Ret Pally blog. Noob Retribution Pally; as you can guess my blog is targeted to those new to WoW or Ret Pallys to try to get them off to a good start. I’ve only been playing WoW for about 10 months and based on what I hear my guildies talking about realize I still have a great deal to learn about the game and playing.

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