Retribution Gear List – About

This is a PvE list.  It does not apply to PvP.

Upgrades are dependent on your current gear. If your current gear has lots of hit, hit items aren’t so good. If you are under the cap, they are essential.  Only you can make that decision.  I’ve also annotated each list with how I would approach gearing in a guild friendly fashion.  These posts will be collated on the Ret Gear page of the site.

How to use this list
The items on the list are ranked by their non-hit score.  Scores in brackets are the score they would have if you were using the hit on that item to reach the hit cap.  So if I am below the hit cap and I use the Spiked Titansteel Helm to reach it, then the helm is worth 461.38.  If you are already above the hit cap then its only worth 333.58.  So when you choose an item with hit on it, you need to note which of the scores you are using.

The scores do not represent damage per second, they are simply scales to help you assess items.

When I use these lists I go through all of the items and list which has the highest raw item score and which has the highest hit score for each slot.  I then juggle the gear until I reach the highest number overall with both hit and expertise capped.  You can either do this alone, and produce a pure list, or you can adjust it for gear you have access to (i.e. bosses your guild can kill) and also, where the result would be close, for gear you already have.

The list is organised by slot:

Head | Neck | Shoulders | Chest |  Wrists | Hands | Waist | Legs | Feet | Rings | Trinkets | Weapon | Libram

Assumptions for this list are:

  • You should always be hit capped to raid (263 hit rating or 8% hit).
  • You should strive to be expertise capped (26 expertise), but not at the expense of too many other stats.
  • The scoring system outlined below is correct.
  • Set bonuses are not scored.  You should attempt to juggle your gear so you end up with set bonuses.

The list is not exhaustive.  I have included all relevent raid drops and a selection of blue items.  I have deliberately excluded from this list:

  • PvP items;
  • Mail and leather items.

I know some of these are good options but good PvP gear is not easy to get, and hence not worth it for PvE purposes.  Mail and leather is meant for hunters, shamans, rogues and druids.  My guild operates main spec bids on an armor type basis i.e. only plate is main spec for a paladin.  I would never take a Mail or Leather item that another player could use.  So my lists are always plate based only.

Scoring System
Heres the scoring system. Its basically the values from Redcapes dps spreadsheet in Pawn format. My source for these is Redcapes own post on the Elitist Jerks forum so if you disagree its not with me 🙂

The scores are as follows:

Hit 2.13 until capped (hence items have 2 values if they have hit)
Stength 1.66
Expertise 1.54
Crit 0.81
Agility 0.76
Haste 0.72
Armor pen 0.72
Attack power 0.66
Weapon dps 6.17
Weapon speed 33.58
Spellpower 0.15

Gem slot values are as follows:
the 21 crit meta comes out at 110.36 (21*0.81+93.35 which is the value Redcape assigns to the 3%)
16 strength = 26.56 (as per above)

Multiply each value on the item by the value above and then add them all up. So, for example, the Spiked Titansteel Helm is:

97*1.66 + 44*0.81 + 110.36 + 26.56 (+ 60*2.13) = 333.58 (461.38)


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