I’ve got a screenshot addon and I’m not afraid to use it

Heres a little summary of what I’ve been up to in WoW recently, in screenshots.

For those who like these pictures in blogs and elsewhere, I use an addon called Multishot.  You can find it over on WoWInterface.  It does two things.  Firstly, it automatically takes a screenshot every time you gain a level, kill a boss or get an achievement.  Secondly, when you hit print screen, it saves a picture for you alongside all those automatic pictures.  Thats one folder, lots of screenshots.

And before you ask, and believe me you will, that folder is in the Warcraft master folder on your computer.  If you haven’t done some weird mojo with your installation that should be C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Screenshots.

Its not perfect.   You can, unfortunately, see my whole UI there.  Theres no way to turn it off just for the addon.  But its a lot better than trying to remember to take pictures and it does give you those lovely achievement pictures.

And now, heres whats in my Screenshots folder right now:


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