Noblegarden and Hard Boiled

Akandra was enobled on Monday after just a few hours of collecting eggs.  I think I got lucky and everything apart from the pet, the egg and the spring robes dropped for me.  Normally multiple times.  I think I have 5 Elegant Dresses.  That means I needed 255 eggs + 10 for the quest which, while it took a while, was not difficult. Some tips:

  • I found doing circuits of the towns much easier than camping, especially once you get the egg basket which is worth it.
  • Kharanos and Azure Watch seemed to have far far more eggs than Dolonaar or Goldshire.
  • Its actually good to have other people collecting the eggs at the same time.  Every time an egg is picked up, another one spawns.  If there are lots of people, there are more spawns and these are more likely to be in a place you know about.

I also found an easy way to do the Hard Boiled achievement if you don’t have someone else handy to use a branch on you.  At least if you are at a reasonably high level.  The trick is you can still use your Hearthstone and keep your bunny buff.  So:

  1. Make sure your Hearthstone is available.
  2. Go to Cenarion Hold in Silithus.
  3. Set your Hearthstone at the inn in Cenarion Hold.
  4. Fly to the nearest starter town.  You can either fly all the way to Teldrassil to go to Dolonaar and go make yourself something nice to eat while you fly, or go to Kharanos via Theramore.
  5. Collect eggs until you get the bunny buff.
  6. Hearthstone to Cenarion Hold.
  7. You can then run from Cenarion Hold to Golakka Hot Springs in Un’goro.  It only takes a couple of minutes.   Just run along the road leading east out of Cenarion Hold and, when you hit Un’goro, turn south but don’t hug the edge.  Be VERY careful avoiding mobs, but if you are level 80 that should be fairly easy.  This is where your character’s level is important.
  8. Wait until you lay an egg.
  9. Job done.

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