Difficult First Post

The hardest post to make is the first one.  I’ve drafted this more times than I expect to draft any other post.  Ever.  So I’ve decided to start with just a short description of what I want to look at.

This blog, like all blogs, is a chance for me to try and connect with a wider audience to discuss those things I am most interested in about World of Warcraft the game and the wider community that surrounds it.  Its also a diary – a source I can look back on to catalogue my WoW journey.  I’ve done some research into WoW and gender during my MA and I’m interested in taking this further and I’m intending this blog to be a tool to help that too.

So I’m going to write about:

  • My experiences playing WoW and engaging in the wider WoW community as a female player;
  • Priests, paladins and the other classes and characters I play;
  • WoW identities;
  • Some guides and information – I’d really like to do a series for new players in particular;
  • Some information about the critical study of WoW and the various things I read.

In just a few short words?  This is a blog about WoW, women engaging with WoW and how that might be interesting from a critical theory point of view.

I hope that other people might be interested in some of these things and that they might comment and help make this a richer experience.

Now if only I could come up with a better name!


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